Returned wallet leads to unexpected friendship

A Loudonville man has started an unexpected friendship after losing his wallet in Lake George.

Nicholas Cicchinelli was on a trip with his girlfriend’s family when his wallet fell out of his pocket. He assumed it was gone forever until a package was delivered to his home a week later.

“I was in complete shock, because that was not what I expected,” says Cicchinelli.

As it turns out, a woman from New Jersey found the wallet, took it home with her, and mailed it back, fully intact.

“I think that she took the time and energy to do that, I think that says a lot about her character,” says Cicchinelli’s mother, Lisa.

They have since made contact thanks to Facebook, letting the woman know how much the act of generosity means to them. The Cicchinellis say this has brought them hope, during a time when communities can be a bit divided.

“I just thanked her and said, ‘If you ever need anything or find yourself up in this area, give us a call,’ ” says Lisa.

The Cicchinellis say they’re thankful for her, and there’s already talk of her being added to their Christmas card list.