Protesters rally outside Louis DeJoy's home

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Protesters called for change Friday morning from outside the postmaster general’s office in Greensboro.

Louis DeJoy was appointed to the position earlier this summer, and some have raised concerns about how he’s handled the job.

About two dozen people were there Friday morning to join the protest held by the organization Sunrise Greensboro and include students from UNC Chapel Hill and members of the American Postal Worker’s Union.

“It’s about the fact that everything he’s touched since he’s been postmaster general has turned into crap, especially the postal service under his tutelage,” said Richard Kortiz, a member of the American Postal Workers Union.

They say they worry the current postmaster general is putting votes at risk in the upcoming election and is putting many jobs at risk.

Some were holding up signs saying, “Stop dismantling democracy,” “DeJoy doesn’t deliver,” “Fund the post office,” and “Protect votes.”

They chanted “Wake up, DeJoy” as they gathered outside of his home on Nottingham Road.

The protesters marched away shortly before 8 a.m.

Prince George could honour brother Prince Louis with extraordinary gesture when he is King

Expert Iain MacMarthanne told “What regnal name a monarch chooses to call themselves, and their reasons for doing so is very much personal to the monarch in question.

“Recent reigns highlight this fact. Victoria’s first name was Alexandrina, yet she chose as her regnal name the one she had been known by all her life.

“Conversely, her son had been known as Bertie (Albert) all of his life, after his father, but upon his accession, and to distance himself from both his parents, he chose the more familiar kingly name of Edward.

“His grandson, despite being known to family and friends as David, chose Edward VIII upon becoming king; and after his abdication, and to ensure a sense of continuity, his brother Prince Albert, known to all as Bertie, chose to be known as George VI.”

St. Louis officer dies after being shot in head

“Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon dedicated over three and a half years of service to the citizens of the City of St. Louis.”

ST. LOUIS — St. Louis Officer Tamarris Bohannon, 29, died Sunday night, a little more than 24 hours after he was shot in the head while responding to a call for a shooting on the city’s south side.

He is survived by his wife and three children, two sons and a daughter. All of them are younger than 10, according to sources familiar with his family.

Bohannon served more than three years with the department, according to a tweet St. Louis police issued.

Police said Bohannon was shot in the head and another officer was shot in the leg Saturday when responding to a call about a shooting near Tower Grove Park.

Police said the two officers responded at 5:45 p.m. to the 3700 block of Hartford Street. Police said while Bohannon was looking for a shooting victim at a home there, a man shot Bohannon in the head. When other officers went to help Bohannon, the man shot a second officer in the leg, according to police.

Sources tell 5 On Your Side the suspected shooter went to a higher level in the house to get a better vantage point to shoot at the responding officers.

Bohannon underwent surgery Saturday night at St. Louis University Hospital, and was stabilized. But Chief John Hayden told reporters Sunday his officer was in “grave condition.” 

At about 4:40 p.m., Hayden sent an email department-wide saying Bohannon’s condition had “quickly deteriorated,” and asked for prayers. He died shortly before 8 p.m., according to police sources.

Public officials have begun reacting to news of Bohannon’s passing.

Mayor Lyda Krewson called his death a “terrible, senseless tragedy,” in a statement.

It continued: “I am heartbroken over the line of duty death of Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. I’ve had the privilege of spending some time with his family under these extraordinarily challenging circumstances. They’re wonderful people and immensely proud of the way he selflessly served and protected our community with distinction and honor for more than three years. This is a horrific reminder of the dangers our brave men and women willingly face every day to keep us safe. I ask that everyone please continue to keep Officer Bohannon, his loved ones, friends and colleagues, and the entire St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department in your thoughts and prayers. This is a terrible, senseless tragedy.”

Missouri Governor Mike Parson said he was “deeply saddened” to hear of Bohannon’s death.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said her condolences and prayers were with the officer’s family and loved ones.

Congressman Lacy Clay and his wife extended sympathies to the Bohannon’s family.

The St. Louis Police Officers Association released the following statement:

“Members of the St. Louis Police Officers Association (SLPOA) began to quietly gather around 8 o’clock this evening as news broke that their comrade, Police Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon, had been pronounced dead at SLU Hospital following overnight surgery for a gunshot wound to the head.

“Bohannon was shot in the head by a gunman who fired multiple shots at officers responding to the scene of a 911 call for “a person shot”. A second responding officer was shot in the leg by the gunman, suffering non-life-threatening injuries. After an hours long standoff with police, where the shooter continued to fire on officers, the gunman was taken into custody.

“Officer Bohannon, or ‘Bo’ as he was affectionately known by some of his co-workers, was a four-year veteran of the city police department. Bo was described as a “difference-maker” by those who knew him well. He sought to make a difference for all people in the community he served because they mattered. The unnecessary sacrifice of this dedicated public servant should be mourned by all because his life mattered.

“Bo’s loss will be deeply felt by those who worked with him and those he served in this community. But his loss will be most keenly felt by his family and close friends. To his family and friends, the SLPOA offers our deepest condolences and support in this difficult time. We will never forget or fail to honor his dedication or the sacrifice of our brother in blue, Tamarris L. Bohannon. Godspeed, Bo.”

Police believe the man suspected of shooting the officers shot or shot at a homeless man in the neighborhood, and then went into a house where he forced a couple out at gunpoint.

5 On Your Side’s Casey Nolen spoke to the couple, Steve and Mimi Haag. They said it must have been their “guardian angels” who got them out of the house.

“He could have very easily just shot the both of us and he didn’t, and I just thank God for protection,” Steve Haag said.

The couple said the gunman told them to get off their phones and they both were able to leave their house.

“Steve turned and went out the door and followed me out and we think our guardian angels put their hands on our shoulders, turned us and walked us out. And that gunman was standing there with that gun and shot the two police officers after that,” Mimi said.

The suspect then barricaded himself inside. He was arrested after a more than 12-hour standoff.

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He has not yet been charged, so 5 On Your Side is not naming him.

But sources have said the 43-year-old suspect was wanted out of Florida for kidnapping and attempted sexual battery. He also had a criminal history in the St. Louis area in the 1990s, the sources said.

He was convicted of drug-related charges in 1995 and 1996, and served about two years in prison for one of those offenses, according to the sources.

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The BackStoppers, Inc. issued a statement Sunday. The organization helps families of fallen first responders who die in the line of duty. 

“This is heartbreaking,” wrote Ron Battelle, executive director of The BackStoppers. “These two officers were responding to a call to assist someone in need and one tragically loses his life and the other is injured. We will forever be grateful for their heroic actions.”

Assistance from the organization is immediate and ongoing, according to the statement. Upon the death of a police officer, firefighter, publicly-funded paramedic or EMT, his or her family receives a check for $10,000. The organization then financially supports the surviving family members for the rest of their lives, covering everything from mortgages, tuition, healthcare, car payments and even end-of-life care for surviving spouses should they not remarry. 

For more information, and to donate, click here.

Officers with the department noted this is the second tragedy to hit the 2017 academy class in which Bohannon graduated. Officer Katlyn Alix, 24, was killed while off-duty in 2019.

Kate and William’s ‘enormous challenge to protect George, Charlotte and Louis’ exposed

For one thing, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have to manage keeping the empathy with their charity work, without giving too much of themselves away. For example, William connects to his work on mental health by referring to his own challenges, while Kate draws on her experiences as a mother to help in her work in early years development. To properly emphasise with the people they meet on public engagements, they often share their own stories, opening up about joyful moments as well as difficulties they have experienced themselves.

However, they have to be careful to keep some things private for their family, so they are not too emotionally exposed to the world.

This is particularly important for the children, because any information William or Kate reveal about them will be in the public domain for the rest of their lives.

Journalist and author Catherine Mayer spoke to the 2017 ITV documentary ‘Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen’ about this delicate balance.

She said: “It seems to me an enormous challenge for all the young royals, but in particular for William and Kate to find a way to do the empathy thing, to do what they see as being their core role in terms of performing a charitable role, and maintaining something that they are clearly setting out to do which is redefining how much of themselves they make public.

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kate william george charlotte louis

Kate and William want to protect the privacy of George, Charlotte and Louis (Image: GETTY)

royal family news

The whole family out clapping for carers (Image: GETTY)

“They are trying to, and I am by the way very sympathetic to them on this, they are trying to carve out a space for themselves to have a private family life.”

One key decision William and Kate made to protect the privacy of their three children was to request that the press do not take photographs of the children, except when it is expressly agreed ‒ for example, their first day at school ‒ or at a big royal event, like Trooping the Colour.

This has turned out to work very well as all the mainstream newspapers have agreed not to publish pictures of the children taken by paparazzi without the permission of the Duke and Duchess.

Emily Nash, royal reporter for Hello! Magazine, told the documentary that this has “reassured” William and Kate that they are able to manage this difficult balance of private and public life for themselves and their children.

catherine mayer

Journalist and author Catherine Mayer (Image: YouTube – Timeline: World History Documentaries)

She said “I think [William] understands that there is a huge public interest in their lives and affection towards them as a result of that, and that the media is necessarily, certainly when it comes to conveying messages.

“I think he totally understands that is a vital tool for him.

“Kensington Palace has warned against the use of paparazzi photographs of the children in particular.

“Although they are still being taken quite frequently, there aren’t any UK publications that will use them and I think that’s probably helped a great deal in reassuring him.

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emily nash

Royal correspondent Emily Nash (Image: YouTube – Timeline: World History Documentaries)

“Instead we have William and Kate choosing when they want to issue photographs of the children.”

Indeed, Kate has taken up photography herself and puts out pictures of the children herself on days such as their birthdays.

In this way, she has used social media to stay in the public eye and get the message out without the need for cameras in her children’s faces.

They have worked their social media strategy so effectively, in fact, that they have racked up 12 million followers on their KensingtonRoyal Instagram account, over a million more than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle managed with SussexRoyal.

While William and Kate are using social media to their advantage, in some ways the Cambridges’ approach goes against today’s culture of oversharing online.

In 2020, those of the younger generation are increasingly documenting their lives on social media, and a growing number of ‘influencers’ are even monetising their private lives.

Meanwhile, the Cambridges rarely post photos of their home lives, especially of the children, and make an effort to keep a separation between their official roles as members of the Royal Family and their private family life.

George, Charlotte and Louis will grow up with an awareness of this that not many other children will or indeed have to understand.

However, another challenge this presents is the concern that they will look like they are not doing very much, an accusation often levelled at the Royal Family.

William and Kate have to make sure they strike that balance of protecting their personal lives, while having a significant public presence.

Ms Mayer said: “They are, I think, interestingly positioning themselves for the age that they are in the era in which they are in the public eye, which is of course a social media-saturated, Instagram selfie era, where they are in some way going very much against the tide on that, trying to reclaim something for themselves.

“Now, I think that is potentially quite a clever thing to do in the long run.

“In the short term, it is inciting the ire of the press, so they’re getting a more negative press as a result, because the press feel shut out and you see some quite silly and nasty reporting as a result.

“But there is also the danger that they just end up looking like they’re not doing very much, which is the big criticism.”

Chimpanzee expected to give birth at St. Louis zoo this fall

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – An 18-year-old chimp chimpanzee at the Saint Louis Zoo is expecting a baby this fall.

“We are very excited to announce one of our chimpanzees, Utama, is pregnant. Expecting a baby in the fall,” said Helen Boostrom, zoological manager of primates at the Saint Louis Zoo. “Chimpanzees have an eight-and-a-half-month pregnancy and there’s a lot of maternal care that is involved. They have a birth interval of six to seven years between infants and it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a baby here at the zoo, so we’re very excited.”   

This will be Utamu’s second child. The zoo says that she gave birth to her first baby in September 2019, which, unfortunately, was stillborn or died shortly after birth.

Zookeepers are keeping an eye on this 18-year-old chimp. 

“Utamu came with her mom when she was younger chimpanzee,” Boostrom said. “She came in 2007 and she, her mother Rosebud and another, Beauty, were introduced to the group in 2007 and 18 is about an adult. The average lifespan is in their 40s. We do have Rosebud and Beauty in their late 40s, so they can live longer.” 

Kijana, a 28-year-old male, is the presumed father. A blood test will be done after the baby chimp is born to determine the father because there are other males in the troop.

Zookeepers are performing ultrasound examinations to monitor the health and development of the baby. Utamu is also being closely monitored by a team of caretakers.

“We’ve worked with the chimp group and Utamu,” Boostroom said. “We’ve worked with her with training, so we can do regular ultrasounds on her with the vets and keep track of the pregnancy. With our nutrition team making sure she’s getting the proper nutrition she needs and doing urine tests like you would with a human pregnancy, making sure everything is going well. 

“Our veterinary team, our primate care team, and our nutrition team keeping a close eye to make sure we can do everything we can so that Utamu and the group is prepared and that everything goes well with the pregnancy.”

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69 years ago, fans managed St. Louis Browns game

League President Will Harridge didn’t permit Bill Veeck to go through with his original plan of having two guest coaches on the baselines. The fans, Charles E. Hughes and Clark Mitze, were signed up and put in uniform, but Harridge ruled the stunt out on the grounds the contracts had not been approved by his office.

So Coaches Hughes and Mitze were awarded king size trophies acclaiming them as “the best coaches ever banned from the coaching lines,” and sat next to Zack Taylor in a front row box. Almost everything else went according to plan, however.

The rough way in which the A’s treated Garver in the first made it look like the experiment might be something short of a howling success, but that was just to keep things from being dull.

Ferris Fain and Elmer Valo singled with one out, and Gus Zernial, who dotes on all Brownie pitching, hit his 28th home run of the -season to make it 3-0. Hank Majeski got on through Bill Jennings’s error, and when Dave Philley singled the managers were asked if another Brownie pitcher should be readied. The answer was an overwhelming “No,” and Garver, obviously touched by such a gesture, got Pete Suder to ground into a double play and was never in trouble again.

Veeck’s managerial multitude hardly had to wait at all before it started pounding itself on its back again. Bobby Young, the nearest to a unanimous choice by the fans, started off an unimpressive night at bat by lining out, but Jim Delsing doubled, Sherm Lollar singled, and after Cliff Mapes struck out, Ken Wood drove in two runs with a single. Hank Arft, the managers choice for first base and one at which they seemed particularly pleased, drove in Wood with a hit. Arft was out stealing to end the inning, but the game was 3-3.

Kate and William spotted on sweet outing with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Louis

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been spending the coronavirus pandemic at their Norfolk home with their three children. And the family were seen enjoying a summer holiday outing at Mable’s Paint Pot in Kings Lynn.

Twitter account Kate’s Royal Closet posted on Saturday: “The Cambridge’s were spotted at Mable’s Paint Pot, a pottery painting shop in Burnham Market, Norfolk.

“Kate and the children must have painted some adorable pieces!”

Commenting on the tweet, one royal fan wrote: “Aww that’s such a cute place!! Imagine the adorable moment.”

Another said: “That is a very inviting and adorable shop front!”

A third added: “Aww so cute.”

One more wrote: “What an adorable place!”

On its website, Mable’s Paint Pot describes itself as a “ceramic craft and pot painting centre where people of all ages can get creative with ceramics in a truly enchanting and inspiring setting”.

It adds: “We provide all the materials you’ll need and we are always on hand to offer friendly advice and encouragement.

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When customers have completed their design the item is glazed, fired and ready to be collected around a week later.

Mable’s in Burnham Market also sells traditional sweets, cards, ice cream and flowers.

The shop – which is decorated with beautiful flowers outside – has a pink door, matching windows and sign.

The Cambridges have been at their Anmer Hall home since March.

During the coronavirus lockdown, William and Kate kept busy with virtual engagements.

They also had their hands full home-schooling their children.

Since restrictions have eased, the royal couple have started stepping out for face-to-face visits.

William and Kate’s sighting at Mable’s Paint Pot comes as new royal book Finding Freedom has claimed the Cambridges have an “equal partnership”.

Authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand write that William is “involved in every aspect of raising his three children – including school drop-off and pickup, as well as homework”.

The book adds: “He and Kate, who had an equal partnership when it came to the house, were modern parents. William prepared meals as much as Kate did.

“When William and Kate took over the apartment at 1A, they wanted the kitchen to be at the heart of the home. It wasn’t just practical; it was also symbolic.

“Like his mother had wanted for him, William desired relatively normal childhoods for his kids, even if his eldest son was destined to be King.”

St. Louis already has 15 child homicides in 2020

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ST. LOUIS — Bertha Wherry looked at the curb Thursday where her 14-year-old great-nephew died after he was shot in the head one night earlier, and she cried furious tears for a “respectful kid” who longed to leave the city.

“He didn’t do nothing to nobody,” Wherry said, her voice breaking. “I don’t feel it was right. … I tried to protect (him) as best I could.”

Victrail Mora was shot late Wednesday in front of his mother’s home in the 2800 block of Gamble Street in St. Louis. Family members say there was a crowd of people standing nearby when he was killed, but they don’t know if anyone will speak up to bring justice for “Trail.” Police have not disclosed a motive in the attack.

“He didn’t care about nothing but making money and staying in school,” Wherry said. “It had to be a mistake, because it shouldn’t have been Trail.”

Victrail is the latest child in the city to become a homicide number. He’s one of 15 juveniles killed so far this year, according to police. In all of last year, 13 children died by homicide in the city. The rising number of child victims mirrors the city’s overall homicide tally, which stood at 165 dead as of Thursday, well ahead of last year’s number.

Kate Middleton pregnant: Signs Duchess expecting as new Prince Louis photo comes to light

Kate Middleton’s latest snap of Prince Louis shows him looking so grown up. It was taken by Kate together with other pictures shared in April by Kensington Palace to mark Louis’s second birthday. Will their little boy growing up prompt the Cambridges to conceive again?

Since, Bookmaker Coral told Prince William and Kate Middleton are odds on to have a fourth baby in the future.

These odds are currently at 1 – 2, royal baby fans will be thrilled to know.

Their youngest son, Prince Louis, was in the news this week after a sweet unseen photo of him celebrating turning two back in April came to light.

Kate, the photographer behind the image, and Prince William sent the sweet picture to royal fans to thank them for their best wishes on his birthday.

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What are the signs she might be expecting?

Signs Kate Middleton is pregnant

A body language expert has previously given her rundown of the top tips that tell us the Duchess might be with child. What are they?

Disappearance from the royal rota

Judi James said: “The best way to tell when she is pregnant is when she vanishes off the royal circular because she sadly suffers from severe morning sickness, so she does tend to vanish quite quickly,” the expert said.

Kate has used her style to evolve her status, according to editor of British Style Society Natasha Henson.

The expert suggested her look has continued to change as Kate has taken on more duties.

She explained: “Starting her fashion journey as a university student, Kate’s status has evolved as a fresh new fashion icon.

“Personally, I wouldn’t say Kate’s style has changed dramatically over the years.”

Kate releases unseen picture of smiling Prince Louis – thanks fans for birthday wishes

Kate and Prince William wholeheartedly thanked royal fans who sent their birthday wishes to their two-year-old son by surprising them with a very special card. As revealed by a Germany-based royal fan who shares on Instagram the replies they receive from members of the Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sent a card featuring a picture and a message to those who marked Prince Louis’s birthday with a letter addressed to Kensington Palace.

But unlike most royal correspondence, this card presented an unseen picture of the young Cambridge.

The snap was taken by Kate together with the other pictures shared in April by Kensington Palace to mark Louis’s second birthday.

In the snap, the little Cambridge smiles and stares into the camera while wearing an adorable buttoned down chequered white and blue shirt.