Hurricane Sally moves northeast as Florida, Alabama neighborhoods reckon with destruction

Clinton and Randal Ream with their son Saylor and daughter Nayvie and two neighbors Aubrey Miller and Harmony Morgan at their home in a small trailer park in West Pensacola. The area received a lot of damage after Hurricane Sally came through as a category 2 hurricane in Pensacola, La. on September 16th, 2020.

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Hurricane Sally moved northeast on Thursday after causing massive flooding and destruction on the U.S. Gulf Coast. The storm made landfall in Alabama yesterday as a slow-moving Category 2 hurricane before tearing through the Florida Panhandle, where it pummeled the city of Pensacola with more than two feet of rain.

The National Weather Service warned that river flooding will be a serious concern through the weekend. Even though Sally was downgraded to a tropical depression on Wednesday, the storm is still unleashing heavy rain and strong winds as it moves northeast and forecasters expect it will bring more than a foot of rain to some areas. 

When Sally first made landfall over the Gulf Shores on Wednesday, it was moving less than 5 miles an hour, an incredibly slow pace which creates more destruction and has connections to climate change.

Sally’s slow movement and stalling left entire neighborhoods severely damaged from strong storm surge and record rainfall that in some areas caused more than five foot floods. Relentless rain flooded roads, homes and cars, and a five foot storm surge sent adrift a construction barge in Florida.

A section of a major bridge going through the Pensacola Bay broke off during the storm, and a ship was torn away from a dock in the Pensacola water.

The speed of tropical storms making landfall has slowed during the last several decades and some research suggests that global warming, specifically in the Arctic, has slowed hurricane pace by slowing down the jet stream.

More than 300 people were rescued from floods in Escambia County and at least one person died in Orange Beach, Alabama, according to the mayor. 

Hundreds of thousands of people in Alabama and Florida were also left without power from Sally, which caused weather officials to urge residents to use their generators with caution. When Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana and Texas in August, several people died from carbon monoxide poisoning from their generators.   

Climate change has caused more frequent and destructive hurricanes and wildfires, which are currently burning through the U.S. West. Dry conditions fueled by climate change made this year’s blazes the worst in history. 

Sally was the eighth tropical storm or hurricane to hit the United States this year, and there are currently two more storms developing in the Atlantic.

This year is set to be one of the worst U.S. hurricane seasons on record in part because of rising ocean temperatures. The National Hurricane Center is running out of letters of the alphabet for upcoming storms. 

A man walks his bicycle through a street flooded by Hurricane Sally in Pensacola, Florida, on September 16, 2020. – Hurricane Sally barrelled into the US Gulf Coast early Wednesday, with forecasts of drenching rains that could provoke “historic” and potentially deadly flash floods.

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Discover The Fascinating Cuisine Of India's North-East At Grand Market Pavilion

Of all regions in India, India’s North-East cuisine has probably been the least hyped.


  • Grand Market Pavilion seeks inspiration from the Hogg Market, Kolkata
  • The North-East section here is truly the highlight
  • The recipes here are simple and different from Indian restaurant food

If you’re one of those who believe that Indian cuisine (especially how it’s represented abroad) is more than just Butter Chicken and ‘naan bread’, you’re part of a growing tribe. No, there’s nothing offensive about a Butter Chicken that hits the spot, I’ve found it comforting on many occasions too. It’s just that there are a whole lot of dishes from across regions in India that still haven’t got their due, their spot in the spotlight. I believe that’s set to change this decade. I am convinced that India’s very own regional and hyper local cuisines will be the new superstars as Chefs across India start looking inward for the new exotic. It’s why I was delighted after my first meal at the Grand Market Pavilion at ITC’s newest luxury hotel – Royal Bengal in Kolkata.

Buffet restaurants at large hotels can sometimes be soulless. Grand Market Pavilion is an exception. This busy dining space seeks inspiration from the Hogg Market (or New Market), Kolkata’s iconic commercial hub that dates back to 1874. This was once the treasury of produce for the entire country. With seating for 200, this is a large, almost intimidating restaurant. And the buffet stations – seven in total, are the restaurant equivalent of a maze. But this a maze you would enjoy getting lost in. And just like in my case, I hope you end up at the restaurant’s dedicated North-East section that is truly its highlight.


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Of all regions in India, India’s North-East cuisine has probably been the least hyped, especially in a luxury context. There are quite a few cult dining spaces in many Indian metros, this is probably the first time a premier hotel chain has focused on the region’s diverse culinary traditions beyond a 10-day food promotion. With over 300 ethnic communities, tribes and sub-tribes and fiery chillies that power Naga cuisine to the Buddhist and Nepalese influenced fare in Sikkim, each state in India’s North-East offers an eclectic dining experience.

ITC Royal Bengal in Kolkata with easier access to local produce from the North-East, is probably better positioned than hotels in other cities to do justice. That was the first thought on my mind as I savoured the flavourful Sikkimese Kauri – a hearty broth with multiple condiments and handmade seashells tossed in to it. I’d also recommend checking out the Shyaphalay (see recipe below), pot stickers with Tibetan origins with minced country chicken folded into a crispy shell that is spiked with the fiery Raja Mircha chutney.

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Simplicity is one of the hallmarks of many of these recipes. The Maroi Nakupi Ga Khajing Kanghou – stir-fried Manipuri prawns, depend almost entirely on just one ingredient – chives, for flavours. A welcome relief from Indian restaurant food where ingredients drown (or sink) in a sea of masala. It’s the same with Mylliem Pepper Chicken from Meghalaya that is contrasted by a delicate roasted onion gravy.

Banana flower is an integral element of Bengali cuisine; many of the vegetarian options on the daily buffet selection feature dishes with banana flowers. My favourite dish at the restaurant is probably the Awoshi Ngo Atsu – Naga-style Black Sesame Pork

Grand Market Pavilion is at the ITC Royal Bengal, JBS Haldane Avenue, Tangra, Kolkata. Phone: (033) 4446-4646 ([] Meal for 2: Rs 4,000/-


Shyaphalay (Serves 4)

Recipe courtesy – Vijay Malhotra – Cluster Executive Chef, ITC Royal Bengal & ITC Sonar

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For the filling:

– Country chicken mince: 250 grams

– Onion chopped: 100 grams

– Indian cabbage: 30 grams

– Ginger chopped: 10 grams

– Coriander chopped: 5 grams

– Salt: to taste

– Red chili powder: 1 teaspoon

– White pepper powder: 1 teaspoon

– Refined oil: to fry

For the dough:

– Refined flour 150 grams

– Salt 1/2 teaspoon

– Water: As required


1. Combine the refined flour, salt, water & knead to form a dough.

2. Keep aside.

Method to make the stuffing:

1. Combine all the ingredients of the filling and keep aside.

2. Heat the oil in the wok & sauté the mixture to make the filling.

3. Set aside till the mixture is cool.

4. Cut the dough & evenly spread out.

5. Stuff with the filling & fold into half-moon shape.

6. Deep fry & serve hot along with chutney.

7. Serve this with a simple roasted tomato dip:


– Roasted Tomato: 3 Nos

– Garlic Peeled & Chopped: 1 teaspoon

– Green Chilli: 3 to 4 pieces

– Salt: to taste

Method: Put all the ingredients in the mixer grinder and blend to form a dip.

About Ashwin RajagopalanI’ve discovered cultures, destinations and felt at home in some of the world’s most remote corners because of the various meals I’ve tried that have been prepared with passion. Sometimes they are traditional recipes and at most times they’ve been audacious reinterpretations by creative chefs. I might not cook often but when I do, I imagine I’m in a cookery show set – matching measuring bowls, et all!

The Northeast will see severe thunderstorms and possibly a tornado

A cold front stretching from Colorado to Massachusetts is expected to produce heavy rain and strong thunderstorms. Damaging winds and hail will pose the biggest risks, and even a tornado can’t be ruled out.

A powerful line of storms swept through the Midwest late Friday night, affecting major cities like Chicago. The squall line was over 300 miles long as it carved its way across multiple states producing wind gusts over 70 mph. Damaging winds downed trees and power lines from Colorado all the way to Ohio on Friday and early Saturday. Flooding also occurred as a result of these storms, which brought heavy downpours that overflowed creeks and streams in some low lying areas.

The same system that affected the Midwest on Friday will shift to the Northeast on Saturday. The strongest storms will form from eastern Ohio to western Connecticut, where the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center has issued a forecast that calls for a slight risk of severe weather.

Newark, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh should expect damaging winds and even hail. An isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

Other cities on the fringe of the system could see some strong storms, including Denver, St. Louis, and Indianapolis.

The Storm Prediction Center said the threat will likely peak in the late afternoon before waning in the evening.

It’ll also be rainy in the Southeast

The Southeast is expected to see some wet weather as well.

“An unrelated system in the South will also trigger scattered thunderstorms, which could reach severe thresholds,” said Taylor Ward, CNN meteorologist.

Birmingham, Alabama, and Jackson, Mississippi should prepare for the possibility of damaging wind and even hail.

The Storm Prediction Center said the threat of strong thunderstorms should subside by early evening.

Severe storms continue on Sunday

Severe weather chances continue on Sunday with the highest risk existing for the Carolinas and portions of Virginia. Damaging winds and hail will be the main threats.

There will also be some stronger storms that exist to the north from Washington, DC through New England with potential damaging winds for cities like Boston, New York, and Hartford, Connecticut.

Farther west in the northern Plains and Midwest, there’s also potential for strong storms. This region will have threats of damaging winds, but also the potential for an isolated tornado for cities like Minneapolis and Omaha, Nebraska.

CNN’s Max Claypool and Haley Brink contributed to this report.