Macron crisis: French President’s deputy quits role within party – 'Nothing has changed!'

Pierre Person, Deputy general delegate of La République En Marche! (LREM) has confirmed he will step down from his executive role and insisted “nothing has changed” since the party gained power in 2017. Mr Person, who helped to mastermind Mr Macon’s presidential victory three years ago, insisted LREM is “no longer dynamic enough” and hoped his decision would serve as an “electric shock” to “give new life” to the party.

In an interview with French newspaper Le Monde, he said: “To give new life to the party, I am choosing to resign from my job at the direction of LaREM, leaving my post of deputy general delegate and no longer sitting on the executive board.

“I become again a militant among the militants and obviously remain a member of the parliamentary group.”

Mr Person was elected in the National Assembly to represent Paris in 2017.

The 31-year-old added LREM “needs to have its own reason to exist” rather than just “copy and pasting the message of the government”.

Mr Macron received a huge wake-up call in June after his party was humiliated in the local elections.

His centralist LREM party failed to win any major city after a resurgent Green Party and its left-wing allies made huge gains.

The Greens secured victories in Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Besançon.

Prior to the election in May, 24 MPs walked out of his party and shattered the French President’s overall majority in parliament.

Mr Macron now has just 281 members in the lower chamber – well short of the 289 needed for an absolute majority.

At the height of Mr Macron’s popularity following his election win in 2017, his LREM party had a commanding majority with 314 MPs in parliament.

The French President is seeking a re-election in 2022 and when asked if the party would be ready in two years’ time, Mr Person said “not in the current state”.

He said: “If the party wants to survive in the long term and to exist in the ‘common house’ being created with our allies, it must better define what it represents.

“It must have its own ‘raison d’être,’ [purpose] without carrying only in ‘copy and paste’ the message of the Government.”

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega)

Amal Clooney quits as UK special envoy as she reacts with fury to UK's latest Brexit Bill

The high profile human rights lawyer, and wife of Hollywood actor George Clooney, represented the UK Government on promoting freedom of the press.

In her resignation letter to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, she said: “It is lamentable for the UK to be speaking of its intention to violate an international treaty signed by the Prime Minister less than a year ago.”

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100-yo bus monitor quits over COVID fears

OCEANSIDE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Through her 99th year, an Oceanside great-grandmother would rise at 5 a.m. to work as a monitor on the school bus.

With her birthday in August, turning 100, her doctor got worried.

“I just love working with children,” Yolanda Imbriano said.

She’s a 100-year-old marvel, working full time as a school bus matron in Oceanside until her doctor suggested she retire this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I feel wonderful, but I’m a little bored,” she told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan.

It’s her positive thinking and generous attitude that’s had her the hit of the school district for generations.

“I went to the beauty parlor, and I’d come in the next day. The kids were ‘Mrs. Imbriano, you look so pretty, did you get a haircut?’ They were the sweetest kids,” she said.


The centenarian began working for the district in 1965 for one hour a day.

“I started out as a lunch monitor and I was making $1.25,” she said.

Soon she moved to the bus route. Before his death, her husband Anthony was always proud and supportive.

“And I had a man, a husband who was made in heaven,” she said.

Yolanda’s happy and spiritual outlook kept her active.

“I used to go to a  gym and dancing school, used to run track, play baseball, roller skate,” she said.

Treating others with respect is her mantra.

“You’ve got to be kind to people. I love people, love to be with them. I love life,” she said.

Her superintendent and transit boss say they cherished Yolanda’s vibrant and energetic work and say she is dearly missed by all.

Yolanda’s secret formula?

“Red wine, olive oil and never smoke,” she said.

Yolanda tells the world she is blessed.

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TikTok ban: CEO Kevin Mayer quits as Donald Trump intensifies plot to ban Chinese app

General manager Vanessa Pappas will replace him on an interim basis, the Financial Times newspaper reported this morning. The FT cited a letter sent to the company’s employees.

Addressing Mr Mayer’s resignation in a statement to the Financial Times, TikTok wrote: “We appreciate that the political dynamics of the last few months have significantly changed what the scope of Kevin’s role would be going forward, and fully respect his decision.“


Ireland tourism boss QUITS after ignoring country's own travel advice with trip to Italy

The chairman of tourism promotion body Failte Ireland, Michael Cawley, stepped down on Saturday hours after his trip abroad was reported in the media. His resignation came as Ireland recorded 200 new coronavirus cases in the biggest daily rise since the start of May.

While Italy is on Ireland’s official green list for safe travel, the Irish Government is asking people to take staycations.

Mr Cawley said he handed his resignation to Irish tourism minister Catherine Martin with “great regret”.

He said: “As has been reported in the media this morning I am on a pre-arranged family holiday in Italy, which is on the Government green list.

“As I have no wish to allow this issue to become a distraction from the important work of Failte Ireland in rebuilding the Irish tourism industry, I have decided after six years in the position to step down.

“I fully support the Government’s policy on tourism and I will continue to help the industry emerge from its current difficulties.”

Ms Martin said she was disappointed to find out about Mr Cawley’s holiday destination.

She added: “He recognises that solidarity with the industry is extremely important at this time, and I have accepted his resignation this afternoon because I believe his position was untenable.

“I would encourage everyone to support the tourism and hospitality industries in any way they can, and am taking my own holidays in this country.”

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Dr Ronan Glynn, Ireland’s acting chief medical officer, described the jump in cases as “deeply concerning”.

He said: “This is the largest number of cases in a single day since the beginning of May.

“We now have multiple clusters with secondary spread of disease and rising numbers of cases in many parts of the country.

“This is deeply concerning.

“NPHET will monitor this extremely closely over the coming days.

“This virus is still out there and has not gone away.

“COVID-19 seeks to capitalise on complacency and is just waiting for the opportunity to spread.

“I am asking everyone, especially those who are over 70 or medically vulnerable, to limit your contacts, keep your distance from other people and take extra care to heed public health advice.”

Barnier sends stark warning of disruption when UK quits EU after December 31

The EU’s chief negotiator said firms and citizens have just five months to prepare for Britain leaving the bloc’s single market and customs union. The Frenchman said: “The Brexit transition ends on December 31. In five months, the UK leaves the EU’s single market and customs union. “Changes are inevitable, with or without an agreement on the new partnership. Companies and citizens must get ready.”

The European Commission has issued a 39-page dossier of preparations businesses and citizens needs to make before the end of the year.


Edouard Philippe resigns: Emmanuel Macron plans power grab as French PM quits

His departure is ahead of a government reshuffle by President Emmanuel Macron designed to bolster his green credentials and win back disillusioned voters ahead of a possible re-election bid. The Elysee Palace said in a statement Mr Philippe would handle government affairs until a new cabinet was named.

Questions over Mr Philippe’s job had swirled since mid-June when Mr Macron declared he wanted to “reivent” his presidency.

In French government reshuffles, the prime minister tenders his or her resignation ahead of cabinet appointments but can still be re-named to the position.


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