Drivers may be fined £70 for stopping on the ‘world’s shortest double yellow lines'

Motorists may be hit with heavy penalties for making the mistake after the “barmy” double yellow lines were spotted in Gloucestershire. The lines are no more than 1m long and could be completely missed by locals or visitors stopping their cars. 

The yellow lines on the road are so faint they are barely visible and need fully repairing by local teams. 

However, the company who worked on the roads failed to realign the new lines correctly to the old ones which has caused some confusion. 

The lines were put into place alongside a fresh piece of tarmac which reveals the work was carried out fairly recently. 

Local councillor Martin Horwood has claimed the lines should be placed into the “Guinness Book of records” before claiming it was a “nightmare” to fix the roads.

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This could see visitors also caught out as they may not realise they have stopped in an area which could lead them to be fined. 

The confusion surrounding the lines on the road has forced Gloucester County Council highway manager to confirm they will be repainted.  

David Pritchett, highways manager blamed the damage on Severn Trent Water when they were undertaking repairs in the area. 

He said: “We would expect Severn Trent Water to put back any lines that they take out when they undertake repairs.

The Highway Code says road users must not wait or park on yellow lines during times of operation. 

The Code says double yellow lines indicate a prohibition at any time even if there are no upright signs. 

This is confirmed by the RAC who says that parking or waiting on a double yellow fine is not permitted at any time and motorists could risk being hit with fines. 

Penalties are usually £70 for those who break the rules although costs can vary based on the local area’s own rules. 

Experts say any charges can often be reduced by 50 percent if offenders pay the offence within 14 days.