Viral Ice-Cream Vada Pav From Gujarat Challenges Mumbai's Signature Vada Pav

The video of ice cream vada pav has gone viral.


  • A food stall in Gujarat sells ice-cream vada pav.
  • Video on the fusion food went viral on Twitter.
  • Watch the viral video of ice cream vada pav here.

The year 2020 saw several weird food combinations that people whipped up just for fun or to genuinely explore creativity in the kitchen. From gulab jamun pancake to noodle pani puri, we saw our favourite Indian foods getting mangled, and like how! Just when we thought we couldn’t take it anymore, another shock came our way. A food stall in Gujarat selling ice-cream vada pav has taken the art of ‘strange food combination’ to another level, and we just can’t decide to like it or not.

Amusing as it may be, giving a sweet spin to the iconic Mumbai street food of vada pav is overreaching, even for food crusaders like us. But, full marks for the novel idea that has got the internet buzzing with divided opinions.

Watch the viral ice-cream vada pav video:

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Twitter user Sahil Adhikaari posted the viral video in which a food stall owner in Gujarat stuffs in a scoop of ice-cream instead of vada inside the pav (buns) and tops it with flavoured liquid that is otherwise used to colour and flavour ice gola, and also decorated it with raisins. The caption read – “Gujarat’s answer to Vada Pav is here. Vada Pav in mud”.

The bizarre vada pav recipe amassed a great deal on attention on the microblogging site with some users impressed by the inventive idea. “Dinner cum dessert. Gujjus are genius man”, “vanilla vadapav” and more such excited comments poured in.

Of course, there were detractors too who outrightly snubbed the whole idea of destroying their favourite vada pav. Many of them were left wondering with ‘just  one question – why?!” Another user linked the vada pav situation to the prevalent times and wrote – “2020 continues”.

What do you think of this fusion food innovation?

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Uncultured Cafe Shares Its Signature Prawn Manchurian Recipe – Watch Video Inside


  • Indo-Chinese dishes are an all-time hit among all
  • We hand-picked a restaurant-style prawn manchurian recipe for you
  • The secret to this scrumptious recipe has been shared by Uncultured Cafe

Think Chinese food and you instantly start visualising those delectable, spicy and greasy noodles, chilli chicken, fish sweet-and-sour and more. Chinese cuisine, including our very own ‘desi’ version of it, holds a special place in our heart. Be it from the small eateries in your vicinity or from the finest restaurants in your city, Indo-Chinese dishes are an all-time hit among all. And the best part is, these recipes can easily be replicated in your kitchen with some basic ingredients from the pantry. Hence, we hand-picked a restaurant-style prawn manchurian recipe for you that can be a perfect dish to amp up your weekend meal in blink of an eye. Let’s try it out!

Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video For Restaurant-Style Prawn Manchurian:

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The secret to this scrumptious recipe has been shared by Delhi’s popular Uncultured Cafe.

Manchurian is thick and fiery gravy of red chilli, soy sauce, cornflour and vegetables, which has been an ultimate crowd-puller at any party or feast. If you are allergic to prawns, replace it with chicken, paneer, veg-balls or corn to enjoy this recipe.

Cooking Tip: Add cornflour and water to make cornflour slurry.

Here’s The Written Recipe For Restaurant-Style Prawn Manchurian:

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Serves: 2


15-20 prawns

Corn flour batter

2 tbsp ginger garlic mince

1 cup chopped onions

Half cup yellow and green bell peppers

Half tsp green chilli

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp red chilli paste

2 tsp spring onion

1 lemon

3 tbsp cornflour slurry

Salt to taste

Oil for frying


Coat the prawns with cornflour batter and deep fry till they turn golden in colour.

Heat oil in a pan and add minced ginger and garlic.

Add chopped onions and green chillies.

Add soy sauce and red chilli paste and stir well for 2 minutes.

Add chopped yellow and green bell peppers and salt to taste.

Add chopped spring onion and the fried prawns.

Stir well on high flame.

Squeeze a lemon and then add cornflour slurry to thicken the gravy.

Give a good toss and garnish with spring onions.

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Home buyers can now use electronic signature on legal documents in property 'game-changer'

Usually when a residential property is bought and sold, a Transfer Deed confirming the details of the change of ownership has to be completed by a solicitor and signed by the both the buyer and seller, which then has to be independently witnessed. In its current format, this can add days, if not weeks, to the conveyancing process.

Last Monday, in the first significant change to the conveyancing process in this country since its inception in 1841, HM Land Registry announced that electronic signatures would be accepted on property Deeds.

Just four days later, leading London property law firm The Partnership utilised this newly approved technology to enable a buyer to sign the Transfer Deed of their property purchase via their mobile phone.

For those concerned that hackers could ‘virtually steal’ and sell their home without their knowledge, fear not.

Electronic signatures involve a highly secure process, which includes the use of two factor authentication.

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This usually involves a code being sent to the user’s mobile phone to verify it’s the right person, along with a certificate from the conveyancer to confirm those involved are who they say they are.

What’s interesting is that electronic signatures have actually been ‘legally enabled’ since the Land Registration Act of 2002, and although there have been rumours for years that the technology would be implemented at some point to allow for widespread use in the UK conveyancing process, it’s taken until the recent Covid-19 pandemic for this to become a reality.

It’s believed that HM Land Registry brought forward plans to implement the use of electronic signatures after lockdown measures earlier this year caused delays for hundreds of thousands of property transactions, due in part to the requirement for Transfer Deeds to be signed in the presence of an independent witness, which of course was problematic under social distancing rules.

Peter Ambrose, Managing Director of The Partnership is delighted to be amongst the first in the country to use this ground-breaking technology, and confirms that it makes the process: “So much easier and quicker.

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“Printing and signing original documents is both time consuming and slow. Even when signed by the buyer or seller, they then have to physically post the document, which can take several days to arrive with their solicitor.

“If four people – the buyer, seller and their independent witnesses – all have to sign and post documents, you can understand why this can add days, if not weeks, to the overall time of a transaction, which now takes on average over three months.

“From that perspective, you can see what a game-changer electronic signatures are.”

Peter’s client Jeremy Elkes, who used the new process when he bought his first home last week added: “Electronically signing the documentation was really quick and easy. 

Ranked as one of the top five most stressful activities, including divorce and death of a loved one, many would agree that any solutions which can help to ease the stress and inconvenience of the home moving process can only be an improvement on where we are now.

Although we’ve got a long way to go before it’s completely painless, this latest development takes the prospect of being able to complete your entire property transaction via an app on your mobile phone from being one of science fiction to a very real possibility, potentially in the not-too-distant future.

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Kate Middleton news: The one foreign royal Duchess copied with signature strategy

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge has developed a keen passion for photography and has used her skills to capture many of the official portraits available of her family. Earlier this week, the Duchess shared a picture of Prince William and their three children she took during the lockdown to mark his 38th birthday and all recent pictures of George, Charlotte and Louis have also been shot by Kate. The inspiration for the unprecedented role the Duchess has played in producing the portrait is believed to have come from a close foreign royal.

The Telegraph associate editor Camilla Tominey suggested Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden set a key precedent for the Duchess of Cambridge.

Princess Victoria has long had a patchy relationship with the Swedish media after she struggled with their reports of her eating disorder when she was a teenager.

Following the birth of her eldest child, Princess Estelle, in 2012 Victoria took control of her daughter’s image and began to personally take and share pictures of the newborn.

Ms Tominey wrote: “The public reacted hugely positively, loving not only the fact that they could see such milestones as Estelle blowing out the candles on her first birthday cake but also that Victoria was behind the camera.”

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Kate entrusted professional photographers to take pictures of her eldest son, Prince George, to mark his first two birthdays and earlier outings.

But the Duchess of Cambridge has been solely relying on her personal photographic skills to snap cute shots of her children since Princess Charlotte’s first birthday.

Since 2015, Kate has been behind the camera to photograph her family’s major milestones. 

In April, she shared pictures of one-year-old Prince Louis celebrating his birthday by hand-painting rainbows in honour of the NHS.

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Royal historian Dr Lucy Worsley had previously suggested Kate has also been emulating Queen Alexandra with her passion, as the late queen also played a pivotal role in transforming photography into a major tool for the Royal Family.

In her latest BBC documentary Lucy Worsley’s Royal Photo Album, the historian said: “Like her Edwardian predecessor, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is a keen photographer, using the latest technology.

“But there’s ever greater pressure on her to provide images of her family lives.

“In recent years, she’s released photographs she took herself of life behind the scenes and posted them directly on Instagram.”