Mourners grieve 'senseless' killing of 11-year-old

Declan’s father, Matt Carr, was introduced to Anisa when she was in the same kindergarten as his son. Over the years at Horizon, he said, she developed into a person who would stand up for her friends, was unfailingly polite and exhibited great character, calling her a “really special girl.”

“There’s certain kids who stand out as little beacons of light,” Carr said. “That’s exactly what she was.”

In a statement, the Sun Prairie School District said its student services team has a plan in place to support students and families, and parents were directed to resources on how to help children grieve.

“We offer Anisa’s family and friends our deepest condolences,” Sun Prairie School Board president Steve Schroeder said. “This is a senseless tragedy that is affecting our community widely.”

Ending gun violence

Debbra Coleman, “DC,” listens to speakers at Thursday’s memorial in Brittingham Park urge an end to gun violence and for those involved in Anisa’s killing to turn themselves in.

Lavern Brown, a mother of two, didn’t know Anisa or her family. But she said she felt compelled to show her support because “that could have been anybody’s child.”

“I grew up in Madison, born and raised, so just to see this happen it’s kind of tragic because it used to didn’t be like this,” Brown said. “She was in a car. It’s like you can’t even have kids enjoy a ride.”

Brandi Grayson, an activist in the Black community, said she also didn’t know Anisa but understood “what it means, what it looks like to be a bystander and be violated.”

Statues torn down after activist arrested

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