UK heatwave MAP: Sweltering hot weather to RETURN with 30C heat frenzy – latest charts

Forecasters promise a sizzling heatwave in July across southern Britain as hot air moves from Europe to the UK. The latest hot weather maps from Net Weather show temperatures soaring to a sweltering 30 next Thursday in southern regions, including London and Surrey.

Further north in Yorkshire, highs will average 26C and Newcastle will see 23C.

It will be cooler in the north west and Cornwall with highs of only 17C and 20C respectively.

Next Wednesday will also see sizzling highs of 28C in London and 25C in Dover.

But before next week’s heatwave, Weather Outlook’s latest forecast said hot weather will also return towards the end of this week.

The forecast said: “Thursday and Friday should be dry and warm in most of the UK with the risk of rain becoming restricted to the north west.

“Temperatures in many areas will be over 21C and in the south 28C could be reached.

“Through the weekend cloud and patchy outbreaks of rain steadily push southeastwards. Cooler and showery conditions follow into northern areas but there is uncertainty about the timing.”

As high pressure builds at the start of next week, the weather will be drier.

Today will also see some patchy outbreaks of rain in the north and east of the UK.

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Temperatures in Northern Ireland will reach 15-16C on Wednesday.

Southern England will peak towards 20 during the afternoon as temperatures are set to reach 19C in some areas.

On Wednesday evening it will be a mild night as clouds continue to thin through the night.

Ms Willetts said: “On Thursday it promises a better chance of seeing some brighter weather, even a little sunshine so that will help to lift the temperatures.

“It’s just the far north west where we will see some rain coming in.”

By Friday, the chances of warmer and sunnier weather will continue to increase in the UK.

Ms Willetts added: “There is a good chance we’ll see some decent spells of sunshine for many other areas on Friday and that will really elevate the temperatures.”

Friday will see a soar in temperatures reaching 26C in southern England.

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