UK under threat by China as ex-MI6 chief warns of next 'aggressive step'

The former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove has detailed how China could launch an attack on Britain. He explained that Xi Jinping is in a position to deny any wrongdoing despite Britain being able to find out who the culprit is. Sky News host Sophy Ridge asked him: “The Mail on Sunday is reporting that there are fears among ministers that China could launch a cyber attack on the UK similar to one believed to have happened in Australia recently. How much of a threat do you think that is?”

Sir Richard said told the broadcaster: “It’s a very aggressive step for the Chinese to take at this point in time.

“I wonder if they would go that far at the moment but it is a threat.

“They have significant capability in this area and they can probably do it in a manner where we’ll know who the culprit is, they can say deny it.

“Of course it’s a threat. We’ve known quite significantly that China have developed this capability and are prepared to use it.”

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