UK weather forecast: Indian Summer to SMASH the UK with 30C heatwave NEXT WEEK

The UK saw temperatures rocket into the high 30sC last month before storms swept the nation. There were five storms which smashed into Britain with the latest being Storm Francis.

But heatwave weather is set to return from Monday as temperatures are expected to reach 30C again.

Jo Farrow, Netweather forecaster, said: “There will be another surge of warmth, even heat for the start of next week as temperatures head back into the 20sC, even low 30sC possible around London.”

Before the Indian Summer scorches the UK, there will be a few days of dry and sunny weather in most parts of the country.

Alex Deakin, Met Office Meteorologist, said: “Lots going on with the weather over the next several days.

“Yes, a warm spell is on the way and also the weekend some heavy rain in places as well.”

On Friday there will be a dramatic divide between the North and South of the UK’s weather.

Mr Deakin said: “For Friday though it’s more of a classic North South split.

“Now the weather is no respecter of borders but generally speaking across Scotland and Northern Ireland that’s where we’ll see gusty conditions and a spell of rain moving its way slowly southwards.”

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“Further south widely in the high teens and again east Anglia in the southeast getting into the low 20sC.”

Over the weekend, warm air will begin to spread over the UK gradually.

From Monday, temperatures will skyrocket bringing a heatwave due to southerly breezes.

Britons can prepare to get their barbecues back out for an Indian Summer blast.

Britons can prepare to get their barbecues back out for an Indian Summer blast.

The tropical plume will cause scorching 30C and higher temperatures.

Ms Farrow said: “By Monday the frontal bands should have shifted northwards, moving the rain and a southerly breeze takes over as the warmth builds.

“Monday and Tuesday should be very warm with temperatures throughout the UK lifting, 31C is possible.”

Weather forecasters are predicting the heat to come back to the UK with a “vengeance”.

Jim Dale, British Weather Services Meteorologist, said: “Just as people were putting away the barbecues and sun creams, it’s time to get them back out again.

“Early next week we are likely to see temperatures lift into the 30s across parts of Britain as heat arrives with a vengeance.”

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