UK weather forecast: SCORCHING summer heatwave to flood Britain starting today!

High pressure building from the southwest will sweep across many parts of England. Forecasters have promised a scorching heatwave in July across southern Britain.

But before temperatures reach 30C later this month, Thursday will also see warmer weather across the south peaking at 26C.

Weather Outlook’s forecaster said: “Southern, central and eastern areas have sunny spells and it will be warmer than recently.

“Near to the south coast temperatures could reach 26C.”

Many areas in the south of England will experience warm temperatures climbing to 24-25C.

Met Office Meteorologist, Clare Nasir, said: “Through Thursday it’s a better day all around away from the north west.

“We’ll see clouds slowly break up after quite a dull start, some sunshine coming through.

“North east Scotland, south east Scotland as well, north east England, eastern parts of Wales as well as central southern England are favoured spots for seeing some sunshine.

“You may even see some brighter skies across Northern Ireland. This will help temperatures up into the 20s.”

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Ms Nasir continued: “And that leads into a day where many of us will see some brighter weather.”

Friday is set to be a scorching day in the south of England with temperatures again reaching the very high twenties.

Weather Outlook’s forecaster said: “Friday should be dry and sunny in central and southern counties.

“In the north a band of rain pushes south eastwards and is followed by brighter conditions.

“It will be very warm in the south.”

Temperature can be expected to climb back up to 26C on Friday before a warm weekend.

But some areas in the north of the UK will see patches of drizzle on Friday as a rain band moves across the most northern parts.

Ms Nasir said: “It will feel warmer south of the rain band with some sunshine coming through.

“That rain band pushes down towards the far north of England, extends towards northern parts of Wales, clears much of Northern Ireland and the central belt of Scotland where there will be some sunshine.

“Into the weekend it continues its passage southwards with some fresher air to arrive in the north and also some sunshine.”


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