UK weather forecast: Summer HEATWAVE returns as temperatures skyrocket

Huge downpours hit parts of Britain on Sunday bringing last week’s heatwave to a bitter end. Britons basked in the hot weather which saw highs of 25C before a rainy Sunday.

However, Monday promises a hot summer day as high pressure builds to clear the cold temperatures.

Terry Scholey, Netweather meteorologist, said: “With high pressure sitting just to the south and south west of the country, it’ll continue dry for much of the coming week.

“It’ll also become very warm in central southern parts for a while, but with the north and north west of both Scotland and Northern Ireland seeing some rain at times, as Atlantic systems brush past.”

In southern and central regions on Monday it will be a dry and pleasant day with warm sunshine.

However, the north will experience cooler weather with mixtures of sun and showers.

Temperatures in the south are set to be high and will not be far from the seasonal average.

Areas across the south are expected to reach 23C on Monday.

Met Office Meteorologist, Luke Miall, said: “After a wet day across the south east the rain will steadily ease.”

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The Pollen levels on Monday are high in most areas of England with the north having moderate levels according to the Met Office.

In the north of the UK Monday will be a fairly cool day and a wet day for some areas.

Mr Miall added: “Showers will continue across Scotland through the afternoon and into the evening but they will begin to fade away.

“The cloud further south that has built up will melt away through the evening so for many a fine end to Monday evening.

“Plenty of fine weather still to come on Tuesday.

“Rain in the north though on Wednesday.”

Towards the end of the week unsettled weather is expected to hit the UK.

Mr Scholey said: “By or towards next weekend though the weather has an increasingly unsettled look about it, with showers locally heavy and perhaps thundery moving in.”

The driest and warmest conditions will be in the south of the UK but will still have some wet weather in certain areas.

The north will get heavier showers towards the end of this week.


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