UK weekend weather forecast: Heatwave hits Britain as 80F temps sees scorching July – maps

Britain has experienced a turbulent month of unsettled weather, with warm sunshine tarnished by heavy downpours and even thunderstorms. This week has seen temperatures struggling to hit 20C across much of the country, with little sign of a glorious summer heatwave hitting the country. But that is set to change this weekend, with the mercury surging as more coronavirus lockdown measures are eased and just in time for the start of the school summer holidays.

The latest weather maps from NetWeather show temperatures have jumped to as high as 28C in some parts of the south east today, primarily around London, with highs of 23C in surrounding areas.

It is slightly cooler in parts of Wales this evening, with a best of 22C, and the mercury reaching 20C in the north east of England.

The scorching weather will continue into Saturday, with highs of 26C in the south east and 25C in London at around 3pm, with temperatures tipping 22C in surrounding areas.

Again it will be slightly cooler elsewhere in the country, with Wales seeing highs of 18C and the north east of England experiencing temperatures of 18C.

It will be cooler in large parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, with highs of 17C.

The latest weather maps from NetWeather also show a huge band of hot air sweeping throughout Europe, with the south of England, France and large parts of Spain basking in the scorching temperatures.

The return of the glorious weather will be a welcome relief for tens of millions of Britons during what is seen by many as a peak time during the summer season.

The Government is continuing to ease lockdown risks, with millions more people now travelling abroad as travel restrictions in a number of countries throughout the continent are lifted.

Parents throughout the UK will also be delighted as the schools break up for their summer holiday today for up to six weeks.

Looking ahead to Saturday afternoon, Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: Most of the Midlands, much of southern England and East Anglia, will be dry, bright and very warm.

“It should brighten up a little bit towards the far north of England, but there is quite a lot of uncertainty about this weather front.

“This will definitely bring that contrast in temperatures again – a warm one across the south east, with 28C possible.

“It will be cooler further north, but it will still be pleasant enough in the sunshine across Scotland and north east England, with temperatures of 20C possible.”

The Met Office forecast for Saturday says the south of the country will bask in warm sunshine, but warned conditions could be mixed in other parts of the UK.

The forecast says: “Southern UK dry with plenty of warm sunshine again.

“North and west Wales and parts of northern England cloudier with rain at times. Further north, sunny spells and scattered showers.

For Sunday until Tuesday, the Met Office has forecast: “Rain in south gradually clearing away to the southeast, sunny spells and showers further north.

“Dry with sunny spells in the south Monday and Tuesday, scattered showers in the north.”

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