What All You Can Make In Air Fryer? Here Are Some Ideas That Might Surprise You


What All You Can Make In Air Fryer? Here Are Some Ideas That Might Surprise You

HighlightsYou can cook a variety of foods in your air fryer.Here are some recipe ides for air fryer cooking.Put your air fryer to good use!Love fri

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  • You can cook a variety of foods in your air fryer.
  • Here are some recipe ides for air fryer cooking.
  • Put your air fryer to good use!

Love fried food but hate oiliness; air fryers are for people like you! This inventive kitchen gadget cooks or fries your food without oil! If you happen to have air fryer at home and don’t really know how to put it to use, we are here to help you. Most of the people use air fryers to reheat food or cook semi-cooked frozen foods. Air fryers can make food from scratch too – just like cooking stove does. Air fryers uses convection to circulate blasting hot air that spreads and reaches all the surfaces of the food kept inside it and also ensures even cooking. 

You’ll be surprised to find out what all you can cook in your air fryer. It gives you crispy and crunchy food just like you get from deep frying in oil.  But, that’s not all you get from it. Want to know more? Keep reading.

5 Foods You Can Cook In Air Fryer

1. Kebabs and Tikkis

Veg or non-veg – kebabs and tikkis make for the perfect evening snacks or pre-dinner appetisers. You can make them from scratch at home and cook them in air fryer to get crispy fritters. Just make sure to coat the raw tikkis with some oil so they don’t dry up while cooking.

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Cook crispy snacks in your air fryer.

2. Cakes

Surprised? Yes, you can make your cakes also in the air fryer if you don’t have oven. Just pour the batter in a bucket of oil-coated aluminium sheet and keep it in the air fryer for oven-like soft and moist cake.

3. Samosa and Pakoda

Samosa and pakoda cannot be made by shallow frying or sauteing, you have to deep-fry them. So, that might make you avoid these heavenly Indian snacks. Not anymore! Make these in your air fryer and you won’t have to miss the pleasure of eating these indulgent snacks.

4. Cookies

We were shocked to learn this as you must be. You can bake (or fry, maybe) your cookies in the air fryer in the absence of an oven. Just make and shape your cookie dough and place them on butter paper or baking sheet and put it in the air fryer. We may not be able to make a large batch of cookies at one go, but we are still not complaining. 

5. Potato Chips And Popcorns

Your favourite munching snacks can be made easily in air fryer. Peel and cut potatoes, season them and toss them in air fryer. To make popcorns, take  a small break from your movie or TV show, throw some corn kernels in aluminium foil, wrap them and put them in air fryer. They will pop in just minutes!

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You can potato fries in air fryer.

One equipment, so many uses! Make healthy, guilt-free food in your air fryer and eat whatever you want to.

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