Window cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share easy hack to leave windows 'sparkling'

Windows regularly need to be cleaned on the inside and outside. While there are many cleaning products available, fans of Mrs Hinch explained using vinegar can be enough to remove dirt and grime.

How to clean windows

When cleaning windows, it is sometimes difficult to leave them streak-free.

There are many products available to buy that promise to get the job done.

However, homeowners could get impressive results by simply raiding their own cupboards.


Posting on a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one woman asked for cleaning tips.

She wrote: “Window cleaning tips please (inside and outside). Firstly what products do you use (I don’t want to use the Detol spray) and secondly what is your method?

“I’m tired of having to clean my windows/mirrors numerous times as the lighting changes and I realise there are smears.”

The post was soon flooded with comments from homeowners who shared their favourite tips.

“Like a number of others I use hot water with a little washing up liquid and a splash of white vinegar,” a third explained.

White vinegar is often credited for its impressive cleaning properties.

Other Facebook users also commented that the cupboard staple can leave a property sparkling.

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