Aer Lingus CANCELS 51 flights leaving passengers stranded at Dublin Airport

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Thousands of people were seen queueing outside Terminal 2 of the airport in the Irish capital this morning after digital systems failed. The airline has now said its systems have been restored and flights on Sunday will not be impacted. Aer Lingus added customers that have been hit by the disruption will be able to change their travel plans free of charge. The company said in a statement: “Aer Lingus sincerely apologises to customers for the severe disruption caused today by the unavailability of key systems for check-in, boarding and our website.

“This system outage was caused by a break in connectivity in services from a UK network provider.

“The break in connectivity has now been restored and we are taking steps to bring all of our systems back online.

“Aer Lingus had to cancel 51 flights today, mainly to and from Dublin/European and UK destinations.”

Aer Lingus said it is still operating all of its scheduled transatlantic services from Dublin, although there will be delays and reduced passenger numbers in some instances.

This is because of security restrictions applying as a result of the systems outage that occurred earlier today.

The statement added: “Any customer impacted by today’s disruptions will be able apply for a refund or change their travel plans, free of charge through, our call centres and our social media channels.

“As systems have now been restored we are contacting customers directly in order to re-accommodate them as efficiently as possible.

“We have made additional customer service agents available to deal with high call volumes – please bear with us as we try to service all customer queries.

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“We will also share information regarding customers’ rights. Aer Lingus advises customers that its operations for tomorrow are planned to operate as normal.Customers are advised to come to the airports at the normal time for their scheduled flight.”

The technical failure impacted check-in, boarding and the Aer Lingus website, meaning the airline had to cancel the majority of flights to and from Dublin Airport to Europe and the UK after 2pm today.

These issues also meant the company would not directly communicate with customers, many of whom had already arrived at the airport for their scheduled flights.

Furious customers reported huge queues at Dublin Airport as check ins for earlier flights on Aer Lingus was been handled manually.

Aer Lingus had said in an earlier statement: “Due to a major incident with a network provider, our cloud-based systems enabling check-in, boarding and our website are currently unavailable.

“A UK network provider servicing the cloud-based system has experienced a major break in connectivity impacting both primary and secondary connectivity.

“At this time the provider has not been able to give Aer Lingus an estimate of the time when the break in connectivity will be restored. Unfortunately, this is causing severe disruption to Aer Lingus services today.

“Consequently, all flights originally scheduled to depart from Dublin Airport for European and United Kingdom destinations from 2pm onwards today have had to be cancelled.”


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