Andrea McLean: 'Why not?' Loose Women star opens up on 'random' career move


    Andrea McLean, 49, is best known for hosting ITV’s topical panel show Loose Women. She began her career as a journalist and later joined GMTV as a weather presenter. The mother-of-two has been heading up the Loose Women panel since 2008. During her appearance on James Martin’s Saturday Morning, Andrea looked back over the course of her professional life.

    When the TV chef, 47, asked how she originally got into journalism, Andrea explained: “Journalism is all about telling a story.

    “For me, I’ve always been interested in telling people’s stories.

    “It was aways features journalism that I was interested in, not necessarily news journalism,” she continued.

    “I started a really rubbish magazine at school to try and get into it that way.

    “I did history and politics for my degree, thinking that would be a way in, and then needed a year travelling to kind of balance all that out,” the Loose Women favourite laughed, adding: “And then I started my career as a travel writer.”

    However, Andrea went on to speak about a rather bizarre detour her career took in 2011: starring in British gangster movie A Landscape of Lies.

    “Years ago I did a film — this is really random,” she told James, looking amused.

    “You did a film?!” he interjected.

    “I did, and I played a trial killer,” she recounted.

    “It was all a bit of nonsense but I really enjoyed it.

    “My attitude is, why not? Say yes to everything. Give everything a little go,” she added.

    “I think that’s the key to it. And then regret it later,” James quipped.

    In the movie, Andrea played therapist Dr Audrey grey, whose life becomes entangled with three other people after a war hero is murdered.

    At the time of her casting, she told The Sun: “I think people will be really shocked. I’ve got quite a main part.

    “I play the complete opposite of what I normally am,” she continued.

    “It’s very different and I’m quite scary.”

    James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9.25am on ITV and Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30am on ITV.


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