Arsenal fan ‘Army’ announce trial to create more atmosphere at Emirates this season and ask fellow supporters not to be ‘shy’


    AN Arsenal fan group is ready to bring the noise to the Emirates this season in a bid to spur the team on.

    The Ashburton Army have been in contact with the club and will be bringing a drum to games.

    Arsenal fans are being urged to join in with the chants and drum that the Ashburton Army will be providing at the Emirates this season

    But they state that they will “ensure the balance of drumming and chanting will be perfect.”

    In a statement shared on Twitter, the group wrote: “When you hear the drum to a chant, please get involved.

    “Don’t shy down from the prospect of it.

    “We want to make it work and ensure it is a weekly thing to create a hostility atmosphere for not only the bigger games but also the lesser teams.

    “Being the twelfth man is a necessity in football, without supporter football is nothing so please help us in turning the Emirates into a place teams do not want to go to.”


    The first match where the new “atmosphere” will be trialled will be this weekend when the Gunners host Burnley in their first home game of the Prem season.

    The reaction since the statement went viral has been largely positive.

    Joseph Burzio wrote on Twitter: “I think what you lads are trying to achieve is a breath of fresh air and great for the stadium atmosphere.

    “I hope you get lots of Gooners on board with you and make some noise.”

    David Price posted: “Well done @AshburtonArmy Great work and keep it going.

    “Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

    And Adam Park added: “Will be joining you guys looking forward to it.”


    However some have scoffed at their efforts, with one fan even describing a drum as “a bit w***y”.

    One Gooner even asked: “Is this a wind up?”

    And unsurprisingly one Spurs fan even got in on the act, writing: “You have an “army” to create atmosphere at Arsenal cos it’s so s***.”


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