Artemis I LIVE: NASA Moon rocket mission counts down to lift-off THIS AFTERNOON

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NASA have alloted a two-hour window for today’s launch attempt, beginning at 2.17pm local time (7.17pm BST).

The weather forecast is understood to be good for this afternoon — with NASA not expecting conditions to be a “showstopper”.

However, caution reigns supreme on the engineering front.

In fact, Artemis mission manager Mike Sarafin told reporters on Thursday that: “There’s not guarantee that we’re going to get off on Saturday, but we’re going to try.”

Nevertheless, NASA has said that it has gotten to the bottom of the engineering troubles which resulted in last Monday’s launch being scrubbed.

At the time, it was thought that one of the rocket’s four main engines was too hot — and did not appear to be responding correctly during engine bleed tests.

However, programme manager John Honeycutt said, it transpired that this seeming issue was just a reading from a “bad sensor”.

In today’s launch, NASA have said, the incorrect information will be ignored.

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