Aston Martin taunt McLaren over Daniel Ricciardo exit with Sebastian Vettel post

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Aston Martin had a cheeky response to the news that Daniel Ricciardo will leave McLaren at the end of the season. A tweet by McLaren said: “McLaren Racing and Daniel Ricciardo have mutually agreed that Daniel will leave the team at the end of the 2022 season. The team thanks Daniel for his dedication and contribution, including that memorable win in Monza. We look forward to finishing the season strongly together.” In a cheeky response, Aston Martin tweeted a picture showing retiring Sebastian Vettel relaxing while drinking a pint of 0% Peroni lager. 

The tweet sparked rumours that Ricciardo could be heading to Aston Martin, but his future in F1 remains uncertain. Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso is joining Aston Martin next season to replace the retiring Vettel. 

Fans said that signing Ricciardo could give Aston Martin a major boost by signing as their second driver. The cheeky picture backfired somewhat on Aston Martin with fans questioning why they had taunted their rivals with Ricciardo currently sitting above both of the Aston drivers in the F1 championship standings.

McLaren youngster Lando Norris is currently seventh in the driver standings while outgoing team-mate Ricciardo is in 12th. In comparison Vettel is down in 14th with just 16 points in the drivers’ championship while Lance Stroll is in 18th with just four points. In the constructors’ championship McLaren are in fifth while Aston Martin are in ninth with only Williams below them.

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Ricciardo stunned the F1 world by winning three races in his opening season after joining Vettel at Red Bull in 2014. In comparison Vettel failed to take a victory despite coming off a record-setting 2013 campaign with 13 wins and four consecutive world titles.

In an interview with F1-inside in 2020, Ricciardo said: “I loved the pressure it put on me. I learned a lot from him and I had a lot of fun when I realised I can challenge him. He wasn’t quite as happy. But I could learn a lot from my career from that time.”


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