Beatrice and Andrew to take back Queen's beloved corgis after giving them to monarch

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The dogs, named Muick and Sandy, were given to the Queen after the death of Prince Phillip by Beatrice and Prince Andrew. The Queen was said to have been reluctant to take on more pets fearing that she might leave the pups behind. She was a well known animal-lover, breeding both dogs and horses throughout her reign.

However, it is understood that she accepted the dogs on the basis that they would return to Prince Andrew and Beatrice upon her death, meaning they would always have a home to go to.

Beatrice and the Prince have been spotted taking the dogs for walks in recent months, so the animals are already well acquainted with their new owners.

Another dog, Candy, has survived the Queen. Candy is a dorgi – a dachshund and corgi mix created by breeding corgis with the late Princess Margaret’s dachshunds.

It is thought that Candy would go to Prince Andrew and Beatrice with the other dogs as the trio is well acquainted.

Candy could also be given to a member of staff, the Queen was known to breed litters of puppies and staff have been said to be keen to acquire one of the pups.

The fate of another of the Queen’s dogs, Lissy – named after the late monarch – has not been decided. She is the current Kennel Club cocker spaniel gundog champion.

Lissy lives with her trainer and King Charles III will likely decide where she goes, if anywhere, in the coming weeks.

The Queen was an avid dog breeder and kept breeding kennels at her Norfolk estate in Sandringham, which King Charles now inherits.

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Since her ascension to the throne in 1952, the Queen has owned more than 30 corgis, who have led quite lavish lives.

Buckingham Palace even had a room specifically for the animals known as the “corgi room”.

The dogs enjoyed meals prepared by a gourmet chef including fresh beef, rabbit and liver. They even received Christmas stockings full of small gifts from Her Majesty on Christmas.

Although sometimes nipping and biting at members of the Royal Family, the corgis and other dogs were much loved by Her Majesty the Queen and certainly a fixture of the royal household for many, many years.

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