Beautician whose acne was so severe doctors thought it was an allergic reaction claims a £12.95 silver serum improved her spots in five weeks


A WOMAN who had acne so severe doctors thought it was an allergic reaction has finally found a cure in a £12.95 serum.

Lianne Barnett, 31, from Stoke-on-Trent, first developed “large painful lumps” and “infected and sore” skin when going through a stressful period changing jobs at 25.

Lianne Barnett

Lianne Barnett, 31, suffered from severe acne and had large painful lumps on her skin[/caption]

The beautician said: “The acne would start as large painful lumps under the skin that after a few days would burst, then it would stay there for weeks before it healed up.”

She tried numerous acne products before booking to see a doctor when nothing seemed to help.

Lianne said: “They gave me a cream for dermatitis as they thought I had a skin allergy because I had never had acne in the past.”

Over the next year Lianne complained several times that the cream wasn’t working, and a year after her first appointment she was given steroids.

Lianne Barnett

She claims her skin was vastly improved with a silver serum[/caption]

Lianne Barnett

Doctors thought her skin condition was an allergic reaction when she first booked an appointment[/caption]

She said: “They made my skin even worse and also really sensitive. While using the steroid cream my acne actually got worse and the underlying skin became red and raw.”

Healthcare professionals concluded that her skin condition was down to “something hormonal” and she would have to live with it as there was nothing more they could do.

Her self-esteem dropped so low that she wouldn’t leave the house without a thick layer of make-up, and even her boyfriend wasn’t allowed to see her bare-faced.

Lianne added: “My acne really got me down and eroded my confidence. I’m normally a very upbeat and sociable person and for a while it did make me feel quite miserable and anti-social”.

Lianne Barnett

She said she feels more confident now as she used to always wear a full face of make-up[/caption]

Lianne Barnett

Healthcare professionals concluded that her previous skin condition was down to ‘something hormonal’[/caption]

Silver Serum is the first'smart' anti-acne treatment that specifically kills bad bacteria while leaving the good stuff still in place
Mirnela Pasic

Silver Serum is the first ‘smart’ anti-acne treatment that specifically kills bad bacteria while leaving the good stuff still in place[/caption]

  • Silver Serum, £12.95 from Skin Shop – buy here

Thankfully things turned around for Lianne after her mum saw an article on Clarol Silver Serum and how it had transformed someone’s skin within weeks.

Silver Serum is the first “smart” anti-acne treatment to contain a patented form of silver called MicroSilver that specifically seeks out and kills bad skin bacteria while leaving good skin bacteria intact to keep skin smoother and less inflamed.

Lianne gave it a go and the itching and soreness calmed down almost immediately.

How does Silver Serum work?

It contains “MicroSilver” – a silver ingredient that kills the bad bacteria while helping good skin bacteria. It’s been proven to reduce bacterial related problems for skin conditions by up to 70% after a two-week trial period.

Healthy skin needs to have good bacteria covering it – skin conditions get worse when bad bacteria take over.

Silver Serum works by killing off bacteria that causes infection and inflammation, and it stays active on the skin for up to eight hours.

While results may vary from person to person and depending on skin type, the manufacturers are keen to point out that there are also lifestyle factors that can influence how well products like this work.

“Sleep well, eat well, exercise, hydrate and be happy.”

And after using it twice a day for five weeks, the 31-year-old says her skin is almost completely clear.

She said: “It’s honestly the best thing I have ever tried in my life for my skin and I swear by it. I’m just so grateful to my mum for making me try it.”

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