'Been round 7 times!' Queen mourner repeatedly joins queue to pay respect – VIDEO

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As queues stretched several miles from St Giles’ Cathedral – where the Queen’s body is lying at rest – on the Royal Mile, a royal mourner admitted she has been through the Cathedral a total of seven times. 

When asked how many times she had paid her tribute to the Queen, she admitted under the BBC News’ journalist’s laughter: “Seven but they’re only letting me through only one time.”

Under giggles from the BBC journalist, the royal mourned named Elizabeth showed her wristand which technically allows her to go through the Cathedral only one time.


At 6:30 this morning, the BBC News journalist reported, Elizabeth had already been through the Cathedral “maybe five” times, the beaming mourner admitted.

The seemingly embarassed Elizabeth then confessed she had paid her tributes to the Queen seven times in total by 9 am.


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