'Big trust issue' casts doubt over Meghan and Harry meeting with William and Kate in UK

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to take part in a royal-style whirlwind tour of the UK on Monday, starting in Manchester. They will reportedly be using their home in Windsor, Frogmore Cottage, as a base during the tour – just a 15 minute walk from the Cambridge’s new home in Adelaide Cottage. However, relations between the two brothers are reportedly so bad that sources told the Daily Mail there are “no plans” for the two to meet during the tour.

Both homes are on the Queen’s estate in Berkshire, and take just a five minute drive to travel between. In an in-depth interview with US magazine The Cut this week, Meghan, 41, stated she had signed no confidentiality agreements with the Royal Family, indicating there could be more revelations to come about her relationship with them.

Meanwhile, Harry, 37, is set to release a memoir this year, which a biography expert told Express.co.uk is likely to contain potential emotional bombshells for Royal fans.

Referring to the relationship between the two Princes, the well-placed source claimed: “Trust, particularly at the moment, is a big issue”.

Another added: “I really can’t see any progress [in repairing their relationship] until the documentary and book have come out and they see what he has to say.

“The family have everything to lose and nothing to gain. William is deeply hurt and believes his brother has crossed a line.”

The Sussexes have a busy schedule ahead of them for their trip. They will first be attending Manchester’s One Young World Summit, an organisation with which Meghan has been a counsellor since 2014.

The next day the couple will set off to Germany for the launch of the Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023.

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William and Kate are set to be in Windsor for the whole week as their children – George, nine, Charlotte, seven, and Louis, four – will be attending their first week in their new school. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee saw the last time Harry and William were in the same country as each other.

It is unclear if Kate and Meghan spoke when they saw each other at Trooping the Colour, while it appeared that Harry and William didn’t see each other at all. They did speak at their grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral last April, albeit briefly.

They were also seen together as they unveiled a statue of their mother Diana.

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