Boris Johnson unleashes HUGE £700m turbo boost for UK nuclear project in final act as PM

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Speaking at the Sizewell nuclear plant in Suffolk, he criticised successive Governments for leaving Britain reliant on foreign energy sources.

Hitting out at “paralysis over British nuclear energy” he urged his successor to “go nuclear, and go large”.

With just days left in office, he gave the green light to the Sizewell C nuclear power plant, saying the Government would invest £700million to the £20billion project.

Mr Johnson said the UK was suffering skyrocketing energy bills as a result of the failure to invest in nuclear energy previously.

While other countries in Europe have seen small rises in energy bills, Britain has been hard hit by the war in Ukraine due to the reliance on natural gas for power.

The outgoing leader said Sizewell C would take about 10 years to build and could power the equivalent of about six million homes.

“It is a chronic case of politicians not being able to see beyond the political cycle,” he said.

“When Sizewell opened in 1966 it was the eighth reactor that this country had built in just seven years.”

Blaming the former Labour Government for having broken the “rhythm” on nuclear investment, he added: “For 13 years the previous Labour Government did absolutely nothing to develop this country’s nuclear industry. They said it didn’t make economic sense.”

“Thanks a bunch Tony. Thanks a bunch Gordon.”

Saying it would be “madness” for Britain not to go ahead with the Sizewell C nuclear plant, he said was “absolutely confident” the new nuclear plant would get the go-ahead.

“We need to pull our national finger out and get on with Sizewell C,” he said.

“I think it’d be fair to say this Government has not shirked the big decisions.

“We’ve raised our eyes, we’ve looked to the horizon and I just say, whoever follows me next, I know that they will do the same.

“So no more national myopia, no more short-termism, let’s think about the future, let’s think about our kids and our grandchildren, about the next generation.

“And so I say to you, with the prophetic candour and clarity of one who is about to hand over the torch of office, I say go nuclear and go large and go with Sizewell C.”

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