Boris outrage for 'telling Brits to save £10 with new kettle'… but here's what he said

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This afternoon Mr Johnson gave a speech in which he gave the go-ahead for a new nuclear energy plant. In what is set to be his final big policy speech as Prime Minister he urged his successor to “go nuclear, go large” to help reduce energy bills for ordinary Britons.

He was hit with a wave of backlash on social media for comments he made during the address.

Slamming previous governments for failing to invest in nuclear before, Mr Johnson hit out at “paralysis over British nuclear energy”.

The outgoing Prime Minister highlighted that while investing £700million of taxpayer money into funding the new nuclear plant may be expensive now, in the longer term it will help reduce costs.

“It is called short-termism” he said.

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Shadow Labour health secretary Wes Streeting said: “Can’t pay your bills this winter, buy a kettle now and save £10 a few years down the line.

“That’s a saving of 3p a day in year three – before taking inflation into account.”

Shadow labour foreign secretary David Lammy added: “Ofgem: Energy bills for a typical household will rise to £3,549 a year.

“The Prime Minister: Buy a new kettle to save £10 a year.

“What a shower of out of touch gibberish. The Conservatives need to go.”

Meanwhile, former leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “The energy price cap will rise 80 percent to £3,549 next month and Boris Johnson is telling people to buy a new kettle to save money on their bills over the course of a few hundred years.

“Stop wasting time. We need wealth tax and public ownership now.”

Both Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have vowed more help for families with energy bills if they become Prime Minister next week.

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