Brexit LIVE: Cost the country! Arch-Remainer warns Keir to get tough on 'anti-EU fanatics'

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Veteran Liberal Democrat Vince Cable has called for closer European cooperation and has blamed Tory “anti-EU fanatics” for “making a bad situation worse”. The former Lib Dem leader has called for his own party and Labour to back rejoining the bloc, claiming support for Brexit is “collapsing”.

He said: “Strangely, the Remainer political parties have been largely silent.”

“The Liberal Democrats have set out a staged process to rebuild trade and cooperation with Europe, and Labour has set out a five-point plan to restore trust and goodwill.

“Neither is contemplating re-joining the EU in the foreseeable future and re-joining the single market, and customs union is not yet on the agenda.”

He also blamed Brexit for high inflation, labour shortages throughout the UK, and warned the British Government’s actions regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol will lead to a trade war with the EU.


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