Brexit LIVE: EU pulls plug on border plane to monitor Channel as migrants crossings soar

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The EU has pulled the plug on a border plane assigned to monitor the English Channel, despite soaring migrant crossings.

The plane had been monitoring the Channel since 27 people died trying to make the journey from France to the UK after their boat capsized in November 2021.

According to the latest data from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex, migrant movements rose by 55 percent in January -July 2022, compared with the previous year.

On August 22, 1,295 people were detected crossing the Channel in small boats, the highest single-day record.

This issue has caused a major headache for the UK government, after promising tighter border controls following Brexit.

Tensions have risen between London and Paris, with the UK accusing France of not doing enough to stop the crossings.

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