British Airways emergency: Flight from London to France transmits 7700 squawk code

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The British Airways plane took off from London at 7.20am this morning. It was due to arrive in Lyon, France, at around 9.35am.

While over France, however, the pilot issued an emergency code.

The squawk code transmitted was 7700.

This means all air traffic control facilities in the surrounding area are immediately alerted that an emergency situation is underway.

The specific nature of the emergency has not yet been identified.

At around 8am, more than 2,000 people were tracking the flight’s live progress on the FlightRadar24 website.

After crossing the Channel, the flight’s altitude dropped quickly to around 9,000 feet.

Despite this, its path did not appear to be diverted.

At around 8.20am, the plane was nearing the small commune of Digoin.

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