Brown names one key reform King Charles will impose on royals 'More like Scandinavia'

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Gordon Brown claimed the new king has already been sending a “signal” about how he is planning to change the inner mechanism of the Royal Family. King Charles III was speculated to be considering plans to slim down the number of working members of the family to ease the burden on taxpayers. Speaking to the BBC, Mr Brown said: “I think what Prince Charles has already indicated is that the monarchy is going to be smaller.

“It’s going to be more like a Scandinavian monarchy in the future but not in a bad way, more in the sense of informal.

“He stopped before he entered Buckingham Palace to greet people in the crowd and that was a signal he was sending that he wanted people to feel he was approachable and he was not going to be absent from the public or, alternatively, approachable.”

Fellow former Prime Minister Theresa May said the King is likely to continue leading the Royal Family into further changes but he is likely to do so “gradually.”

Mrs May said: “If you look at the monarchy and the Royal Family, they have been steadily evolving, a different approach, a different way of doing things over time.

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