Cameron Norrie explains plan to copy what he's 'seen' Novak Djokovic do at tournaments

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“I even saw him today, I didn’t want to interrupt him, but it was actually funny but in a good way, that he brought his little scale to weigh himself after the warmup because we were kind of in the same part of the locker room. So I saw him doing that.

“I was thinking to myself, Wow, there is a scale in the locker room, but he doesn’t trust it. He brought his own. So I thought, Wow, this is professionalism on another level – or something else, I don’t know.

“It seemed to me that he’s really being very precise with his weight, how much liquids he’s losing. I guess that’s the main reason for it. He’s very thorough about his chores and his preparation and his recovery. I like to see that because I have that kind of approach, as well.”

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