Camilla's brilliant wedding day wardrobe malfunction left Queen Elizabeth II in stitches

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Queen Consort Camilla has recalled the moment she stepped foot outside on her wedding day to King Charles III wearing two odd shoes, both of which had differing heel heights. As part of a tribute interview to the late Queen Elizabeth II, Camilla said it was a moment that made her mother-in-law laugh, revealing a little glimpse into the sort of humour the reigning monarch once had. Camilla’s touching words were part of a BBC One programme which was aired ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral today, September 19. Her heartfelt words described the late Queen as an “unforgettable” woman who “carved out her own role” in a male-dominated society.

Camilla, Queen Consort fondly reminisced about a wardrobe slip-up on her special day in 2005, when she became an official member of the Royal family.

She admitted to being so nervous on her wedding day that she wore two odd shoes, causing Queen Elizabeth II great amusement.

The Queen Consort said: “I remember coming from Clarence House to go to Windsor the day I got married, when I probably wasn’t firing on all cylinders, quite nervous.

“And, for some unknown reason, I put on a pair of shoes and one had an inch heel and one had a two-inch heel. I mean, talk about hop-a-long. And there was nothing I could do.”

“I was half way down in the car before I realised and, you know, she could see and laughed about it and said, ‘Look, I’m terribly sorry.’ She had a good sense of humour.”

Speaking about the late Queen’s seven decade reign, Camilla touched upon how influential the late monarch had been to an entire nation.

The Queen Consort added: “She has been part of our lives forever, I’m 75 now and I can’t remember anybody except the Queen being there.

“It must have been so difficult for her being a solitary woman, and there weren’t women prime ministers or women presidents, she was the only one. So I think she carved out her own role.”

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The Queen Consort also recalled the late monarch’s “wonderful blue eyes” that lit up her face when she smiled. “I’ll always remember that smile, you know. That smile is unforgettable.”

Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest today, with her state funeral taking place in a matter of hours. 

Global leaders and vast crowds are expected to turn up for the occasion, which will be one of the largest gatherings of heads of states and royalty the UK has hosted in decades.

It is expected that the Queen’s coffin will leave Westminster Hall at 10.30am, where it has been lying in state since last Wednesday, by gun carriage as it is carried to Westminster Abbey. 

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