'Carnival of SNOBBERY': Republicans slammed over response to death of Queen

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A columnist has spoken out and criticised republicans for their response to the death of the Queen. The death of Queen Elizabeth on September 8 has seen tributes pouring in from around the world as well-wishers mourn the late monarch. But some anti-monarchists have been seen celebrating the passing of the Queen, leading to uproar from public figures and Brits. Writing for Spiked – a magazine known to support republicanism – Tim Black called the republicans response to the Queen’s death “a carnival of snobbery”.

He added: “Judging by the leftist reaction to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, contemporary republicanism amounts to little more than sharing TikTok videos of Irish men riverdancing to ‘Another One Bites the Dust’, or to oh-so-insightful complaints that the royal family is really, really rich, or to calls for the queen to ‘just rot in hell’.

“These are just some of the prominent responses that have appeared over the past 24 hours under the trending hashtag #AbolishTheMonarchy.”

Over the weekend, while thousands were mourning the loss of the Queen and flocking to see her final journey from Balmoral, some republicans were out in full force sharing their opinions on the monarchy.

On Sunday afternoon, a woman held up a sign sharing her strong views on the monarchy moments before the proclamation of King Charles III.

Her sign read: “F* imperialism, abolish the monarchy.”

It wasn’t long before police officers took the woman away for her protest which resulted in the crowd applauding their actions.

It was later revealed the 22-year-old had been arrested “in connection with a breach of the peace”.

On Friday, the shop of an anti-monarchist, who posted a video of her holding a sign proclaiming “Lizard Liz is Dead” while she popped champagne, was attacked by a furious mob.

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Anti-monarchist Jacki Pickett faced an onslaught from her neighbours in Muir of Ord, a small village in the north of Scotland, after she released a video on social media of her in front of her fish and chip shop celebrating the death of Queen Elizabeth II, popping champagne and dancing as she held a sign saying “Lizard Liz is Dead and London Bridge has fallen”.

A furious mob quickly gathered outside the Jaki Fish and Chip Shop and booed and berated Ms Pickett.

It was reported that eggs were pelted at the storefront and the police were called to disperse the crowd and forced to shut the shop over concerns for the owner’s safety.

Columnist Tim Black said republicanism is in a “sorry state” as he slammed anti-monarchists for their response to the death of the Queen.

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Mr Black continued: “Whatever you think of the monarchy as an institution, the death of the queen, after a 70-year-long reign, is an extraordinary moment – politically, socially and constitutionally.

“She was a genuinely historical figure, a link between the past and the present, and a rare unifying symbol in a nation divided by today’s identity wars. A republicanism that has no faith in the public is no republicanism at all.”

Thousands visited Buckingham Palace and Windsor over the weekend to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II.

Flowers and tributes were left outside the gates with heartfelt messages as Brits paid tribute to the Queen who died at Balmoral on Thursday afternoon.

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