Cheeky Prince Louis began first day of school with ‘determination rather than nervousness’

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Judi James, a leading television body language and behaviour expert, has said that Prince Louis was not nervous on his very first day of school.

The youngest royal left Willcocks Nursery School in Kensington over the summer and attended a 90-minute settling-in session on Wednesday to help pupils become more familiar and relaxed with starting a new school.

Speaking to Fabulous Magazine, the body expert explained that: “Louis’ eyes are fixed forward but his expression is one of determination rather than nervousness about a first day at school.”

She also pointed out there were “marked differences” in the body language of each of the royal children on their first day at a new school.

The body language expert spoke about Prince George’s first day at primary school at Thomas’s Battersea in London in 2017.

She explained: “George was of course an only child before he became the big brother to Charlotte and Louis.

“His first day might have been emotional thanks to the way Kate was ill with morning sickness.

“There will always be more tension from the parent when it’s the first school day for the first-born child.”

The body language expert hinted about Prince George’s emotional state, and said his feelings “appeared to fluctuate between bravado and playfulness to a slow dipping to the kind of glummer look”.

She added: “It suggests he was just realising he was going to be parted from his beloved dad at any minute.”

“William’s chatting above his son’s head looked like an attempt to diffuse the situation by ignoring the mood and acting jolly.

“But that rather forced smile didn’t fool anyone – he appeared just as upset inside as his son is.”

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Mrs James also examined Princess Charlotte’s body language and compared it to her brother, Prince George.

She said: “Charlotte has always displayed higher levels of confidence and sociability than her older brother.

“But she did need some coaxing to come out of her shell initially, hanging back as she held her mum’s hand and even hiding behind Kate’s arm.”

The body language expert also thinks that Princess Charlotte and her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, mirrored each other’s body language by flicking their hair.

She explained: “This gesture implied some desire to self-comfort from them both.

“Once Charlotte was introduced to her teacher though she began to move forward with her usual confidence and love of taking the lead.

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“One small wave ‘hello’ and she looked happy to set off on this new adventure. She had her big brother with her though, just in case.

“The pair posed with Charlotte’s arm around George showing she knew he would be there if needed.”

However, Ms James believes that Prince Louis is the “happiest and most daring” out of the three Cambridge siblings and is comforted by his older brother and sister.

She explained: “He’s happy to be in the spotlight and keen to entertain everyone, as we saw at the Jubilee.

“His arrival is so much different to his brother’s.

“It’s ‘Team Cambridge’ now, a line-up of five looking pretty invincible, and with Louis dressed like his brother and with a very confident sister to act as role-model it’s no wonder he arrives with that look of quiet determination.”

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