Chelsea keeper Kepa can finally become a manager in Fifa 20… and he has already won a Champions League with Juventus


CHELSEA keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga can finally become a manager in FIFA 20… and he has already won the Champions League with Juventus.

The Stamford Bridge No1 was widely mocked by fans for being his own boss after refusing to be replaced by Willy Caballero during the Carabao Cup final back in February.

Kepa Arrizabalaga can finally try his hand at management in FIFA 20
The Chelsea goalkeeper can be the one giving out the orders to Cristiano Ronaldo and Co
Juventus will not be on FIFA 20 but Kepa proudly let Piemonte Calcio to Champions League glory

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The Spanish stopper was famoulsy criticised for defying then-boss Maurizio Sarri at Wembley[/caption]

While in reality the 24-year-old was fined a week’s wages and dropped for one game for his actions, fans can check out what Kepa would be like in charge on FIFA.

EA Sports have confirmed a number of changes to the next entry in the hugely popular series, with one of the more intriguing is the ability to customise and create their manager in career mode.

This also includes the addition of real-life players and one player on revealed on Twitter images of Kepa dressed smartly as the new Juventus manager.

The Chelsea stopper even leads the Italian side to Champions League glory, however, he does so in charge of newly installed, Piemonte Calcio.

Juventus will actually not feature in FIFA 20 after the club signed an exclusive deal with rivals Pro Evolution Soccer, but Cristiano Ronaldo and Co will still be available to play.


Kepa meanwhile has bounced back from his career-low at Wembley last season, but Gianfranco Zola recently lifted the lid on what exactly happened.

The Chelsea legend and former assistant has revealed that the Spanish goalkeeper faked an injury to wind the clock down in extra-time, before the moment of mayhem.

Speaking to beIN Sports, Zola said: “In the beginning he misunderstood. He was pretending he was injured because he wanted to waste time.

“There was nothing really wrong but we then made some considerations. We knew we had Willy Caballero on the bench, who knew all of the Manchester City players and so it was an opportunity for us.”

Before adding: “We were going to make the change. It wasn’t pre-arranged, but we saw the day before he was injured.

“So we thought it was the injury coming back and we saw an opportunity because Caballero knows the Manchester City players so he can also be a good thing; simple as that.

“It was obviously not an easy situation to deal with. We could not believe it, we were speechless, we kept telling him to come off but he didn’t come.

“I mean, we could have dealt with it better probably, maybe the skipper could have gone to him and [said] ‘come to the touchline’ but in the end sometimes you have a situation like this.”


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