'Clearly broken': Sophie Wessex's 'great dignity' hailed by legion of royal fans

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Sophie Wessex has been hailed for displaying “great dignity” during the official Royal Mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty died last Thursday at the age of 96 in what is understood to have been among her favourite residences.

Her state funeral will be held on September 19, which King Charles III has announced will also be a bank holiday.

In the lead up to this event, the Queen’s coffin has been moved for Britons to pay their respects and will later arrive in London.

Senior members of the Royal Family have stood by the Queen’s coffin on several occasions, including last night at the vigil at St Giles’s Cathedral.

All four of her children stood guard around the coffin, while other members of the family, including Sophie, 57, and Camilla, the Queen’s Consort, sat before them.

Social media users, upon seeing footage from the event, were quick to throw praise on the Countess for her conduct.

Caroline Evans wrote in a post on Twitter: “All… of them showed great dignity.

“Feel for Sophie Wessex… she looks totally broken.”

GB News presenter Alastair Stewart also wrote: “I hope the King finds some very special way of further honouring the Princess Royal and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, for their love, constancy and support at this difficult time.”

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The Countess of Wessex has on occasion been described as the Queen’s “second daughter”.

It is understood that Sophie called Her Majesty “Mama” following the death of her own mother due to stomach cancer in 2005.

The Queen also lost her sister, Princess Margaret, just three years before.

Daily Mail Royal Editor Rebecca English this week wrote: “They spent a lot of time together. Sophie and her husband Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son, live with their two children just a stone’s throw away from Windsor Castle at Bagshot Park.

“Walking their dogs together was a favourite past-time.

“They also shared a love of military history, spending hours poring over ancient documents in the Royal Archives at Windsor.”

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