'Complete disregard': Eton College ignores FA's ban on football after Queen's death

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Images suggest that the prestigious Eton College ignored the FA’s ban on football taking place this week to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Photos were published on Twitter of two of their sides lining up for matches.

The FA released a statement earlier confirming that no football, from Premier League all the way down to grassroots level, will take place this weekend at any level out of respect for the Queen’s passing on Thursday. But images on a now-deleted tweet from the Rossall School account showed that they took part in two matches against Eton College on Saturday, despite the ban.

The two private schools were snapped observing a minute silence ahead of their matches, as well as a video showing the Rossall squad stopping at Windsor Castle whilst travelling to Eton. Criticism flooded in for the two teams, with many highlighting that it ignored the rules that were imposed by the FA.

One Twitter user, via The Telegraph, wrote: “Whilst kids up & down the country are unable to play football this weekend, it seems the same rules don’t apply for Eton. Latest example of how the privileged have complete disregard for the rules we’re all supposed to follow.”

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Another added: “When grassroots football is cancelled, even if not following the FA rules, they could have respected state school kids across the UK who weren’t allowed to play. How does that work?”

However, Eton College have revealed that they did not feel that they had to observe the football ban because the matches were friendlies and thus not FA-controlled matches. Their statement read: “All at Eton College mourn the death of Her Majesty the Queen, remember with gratitude her extraordinary service and offer their deepest sympathy and condolences to the Royal Family.

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