'Daily attacks' Putin targets natural gas thermal power plant in Kharkiv in missile strike

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Footage appearing to show a thermal power plant in Kharkiv engulfed in flames has been circulating on social media. The blaze is alleged to have broken out after Russia continued with its bombardment of Ukraine’s second-largest city.

Attacks on Kharkiv have led to power cuts across eastern Ukraine.

According to the BBC, blackouts have reportedly affected around nine million people in eastern regions, including Kharkiv and Donetsk.

Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov also said Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure left much of his city without power or water.

In a post on Twitter, user @igorsushko wrote: “Ukraine’s largest natural gas thermal power plant has been struck in Kharkiv by Putin’s fascist regime.

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“Quite probably the missile strikes came from #Belgorod across the border.

“The city has been under daily attack from across the border for months.”

Sharing footage of the incident on Telegram, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said: “Even through the impenetrable darkness, Ukraine and the civilized world clearly see these terrorist acts.

“Deliberate and cynical missile strikes on civilian critical infrastructure.”

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In an intelligence update yesterday, the MoD said: “Over the last 24 hours, Ukrainian forces have continued to make significant gains in the Kharkiv region.

“Russia has likely withdrawn units from the area, but fighting continues around the strategically important cities of Kupiansk and Izium.”

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