Desperate Kremlin ignores Russian troops' pleas to evacuate in uncovered messages – VIDEO

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Newly uncovered radio communications between military commanders and Russian military headquarters have exposed the collapse in morale among troops deployed by Moscow. Ukrainian soldiers revealed they had intercepted radio messages between troops from mercenary Wagner Group and Russian military headquarters. In the communications, the soldiers repeatedly “asked for an evacuation vehicle” but the main command did not respond.

One Ukrainian soldier, Tura, explained to Radio Free Europe: “After the combat, we found the enemy’s radios.

“We could later record their communications with commanders.

“First they came as a squadron, then as platoons of 20-30 people.

“After the combat, eight of them retreated.”

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He continued: “We could hear on the radio their commander asking for an evacuation vehicle but their military headquarters didn’t give an order to come back and pick them up.”

The Ukrainian troops, who were fighting in Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, discussed the growing number of mercenary troops fighting in the country.

One soldier, named Shynobi, explained: “They are after money, and they die for money.

“We haven’t seen any advanced tactics from them. The Russian Army needs to hide its losses.

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