'Disrespectful and despicable!' Football teams condemned for playing after Queen's death

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After Queen Elizabeth’s death last week, all football matches were postponed over the weekend as a sign of respect.  Sheffield International FC and Byron House, who both compete in the Sheffield and District Fair Play League, were meant to play a competitive match last Saturday, September 10. 

Last Friday, Sheffield International FC posted on Twitter that their match against Byron House had been cancelled “because the queen died” which received over 40,000 likes on the social media platform.

The football team said they would play a friendly match instead, but then later wrote that someone had “snitched on us so now even the friendly is off”.

They wrote: “If that gets cancelled we’ll have a game of rugby seeing as that’s deemed respectful enough.” 

While football was cancelled last weekend, other sports such as horseracing, cricket and rugby were allowed to continue to play which has received some criticism. 

Former England player Peter Crouch posted on Twitter to suggest football should have been allowed to continue and received over 200,000 likes.

On Saturday morning, Sheffield International FC posted pictures on Twitter suggesting they may have played football against Byron House as they wrote: “Silly billies. Everyone’s turned up in their match kit.”

They then posted a picture shaking hands with the other team with the caption: “Oh wow! Byron House have arrived! Fancy seeing them here!”

The Sheffield and District Fair Play League has condemned the local teams for “disrespectful and despicable behaviour” and that friendly matches were “specifically and separately” mentioned as not being allowed. 

The League has also said they will be investigating the matter and the two football teams “will be dealt with in the strongest possible terms”.

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On Monday, September 12, Football matches resumed as normal but will be postponed next Monday, September 19, the day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

This weekend, Premier League matches will ask football fans to hold a minute’s silence while the British national anthem plays. 

Flags around the stadium will be flown at half-mast and pictures of the Queen will appear on big screens.

When the match reaches 70 minutes, fans will be asked to applaud to mark the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, as her platinum jubilee was celebrated across the country earlier this year. 

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