'Doesn't read the room!' Meghan slammed as she mentions herself in speech '54 times'

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Meghan Markle declared it was “very nice to be back in the UK” as she took centre stage in Manchester to tell young leaders “you are the future… you are the present”. She told the 2,000 delegates how her life had changed when she last joined the summit in London in 2019 – singling out her role as a wife and a mother – but making no mention of becoming a senior royal the year before. Royal Correspondent Rupert Bell hit out at the Duchess of Sussex for mentioning herself 54 times in a seven-minute speech.

TalkTV host Julia Hartley-Brewer said: “They were appearing yesterday at an event where Meghan Markle was giving a speech.

“I love the fact that she gave a speech, it lasted seven minutes and she referred to herself no less than 54 times.”

Mr Bell replied: “It was impressive. That’s the whole point of her, she doesn’t read the room.

“She’s committed to this cause and this charity but when you have a chance to do something can’t you say something else other than yourself and the journey she’s on?

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“Clearly this is a stage-managed part of the documentary. The crowd were delighted to see her, there were plenty of smiles and people were cheering her.

“But it’s a very stage-managed operation here.

“Seven minutes talking about how she was a shrinking violet and then discovered her voice, it does not read the room.

“If you’re going to give a speech then try and actually come up with anything that can help but I’m not sure this is the biggest crisis in the world.”

“And there I was, the girl from Suits. I was surrounded by world leaders, humanitarians, prime ministers, and activists that I had such a deep and long-standing respect and admiration for.

“And I was allowed in, to pull up a seat at the table.

“I was so overwhelmed by this experience, I think, I think I even saved my little paper place-marker with my name on it.

“Just proof: proof that I was there, proof that I belonged, because the truth was, I wasn’t sure that I belonged.”

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