Donald Trump blasts rally heckler as having ‘a serious weight problem’ who should ‘go exercise’ sending MAGA crowd wild


DONALD Trump last night blasted a rally heckler as having a “serious weight problem” who should “go home and exercise” – sending his MAGA crowd wild.

The US president was shouted down during a campaign event in New Hampshire – during which he whipped up fans with digs at his Democrat rivals.


Donald Trump points to supporters at a packed rally event in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday night[/caption]

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Screaming crowds cheer on the president after he delivers a withering put-down to a protester[/caption]

But he left his fervent supporters in hysterics when he responded to one howling critic, saying: “That guy has a serious weight problem. Go home and exercise please.”

Pro-Trump spectators also grabbed other protesters’ signs as they stood in the wings of the packed rally event in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Their signs read: “Jews against the occupation”, and “Trump is #BadForTheJews”.

They were likely in reference to Trump’s call earlier on Thursday for Israel to ban two left-wing Democrat congresswomen from visiting it and the West Bank.


After dispatching the protester with a withering put-down, Trump laid into the leading Democrats vying to succeed him in the White House race next year.

He said he believed former Vice President Joe Biden – who he dubbed “sleepy Joe” – might “limp across” the finish line and win the nomination fight.

Trump said of Biden: “I sort of hope it’s him”, but added: “I don’t mind any of ’em.”

The excited audience reacted by waving their Keep America Great signs – the updated form of the famous Make America Great Again (MAGA) slogan from the 2016 election.

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Anti-Trump protesters waved banners slamming the president’s position on the Israel-Palestine conflict[/caption]


Trump supports taunted protesters who were led from the stadium on Thursday[/caption]


Hundreds packed into the Keep America Great rally in Manchester, New Hampshire[/caption]

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President Trump applauds as supporters cheer him onto the stage in Manchester, New Hampshire[/caption]

Trump is hoping to woo New Hampshire, which backed Hillary Clinton in 2016, into backing him for 2020.

A recent poll found that 42 per cent of New Hampshire voters approve of Trump – while 53 per cent disapprove.

But addressing the banner-waving crowds last night, President Trump said only he could be trusted with the economy.

He said that even if voters don’t like him, they have to vote for him because their retirements depend on it.

And he downplayed recent stock market turmoil and fears of an economic recession by highlighting other positive economic indicators.

He said: “Whether you love me or hate me, you have to vote for me.”

Trump also addressed the two mass shootings in Ohio and Texas this month – saying mental health was the main issue rather than gun control.

He said he wants to re-open mental institutions across the country because “there are seriously ill people and they’re on the streets.”

Trump added: “We will be taking mentally deranged and dangerous people off of the streets so we won’t have to worry so much about them. A big problem.”

But he said that he won’t allow any measures to make it harder for “law-abiding” people to “protect themselves.”

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President Trump gestures as he mocks his Democrat rival ‘sleepy’ Joe Biden[/caption]


Trump shows off a Keep America Great hat – the updated slogan for the 2020 election[/caption]

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President Trump shakes a supporters hand as others take photographs[/caption]

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Trump slammed his Democrat rivals and spoke on the economy and gun control[/caption]

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