Donald Trump NOT invited to Queen’s funeral despite emotional tribute

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DONALD Trump will not be invited to the Queen’s funeral next week, according to leaked documents.

The former US president appears to be a huge fan of Her Majesty, and penned a gushing tribute to her for the Daily Mail after her death. However, it’s not been enough to earn him a spot at next Monday’s service, which has limited numbers.

Only current heads of state and their spouses or partners will be invited – meaning Mr Trump’s successor Joe Biden and his wife Jill will be among those attending the historic service in Westminster Abbey. According to documents seen by Politico, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said the Abbey will be so packed that it would be impossible to offer more invitations.

The guidelines, which had been sent to embassies on Saturday night, said the department: “regrets that, because of limited space at the state funeral service and associated events, no other members of the principal guest’s family, staff or entourage may be admitted.”

The last two state funerals, which were held for Winston Churchill and George VI, were not attended by serving US presidents – but Mr Biden confirmed on Friday that he would be coming to Queen Elizabeth II’s. The possibility of Mr Trump attending the service was raised due to his emotional tribute to Her Majesty, as well as his previous positive statements about her.

In his written tribute, Mr Trump described his own encounter with the Queen as “the most extraordinary honor of my life”.

He added: “The whole of civilization is in mourning. The passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the enlightened monarch who reigned over the United Kingdom for 70 years, is a loss felt by billions around the world.”

Asked if US President Joe Biden would really be expected to arrive at Westminster Abbey on a bus, a spokesman for the FCDO told Politico it would be left to the leader to decide.

He said: “I think that would be a question for the U.S. and how they prefer the president to travel. I would say that clearly arrangements for leaders, including how they travel, will vary depending on individual circumstances. And the guidance and information provided is guidance.”

The document also urges world leaders to travel on commercial flights “wherever possible”, and tells them not to use helicopters to travel around the UK. The FCDO document added, according to Politico: “Multiple and comprehensive layers of security will be in place across London and at all the official venues used for the state funeral and associated events”.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died at her summer home in Balmoral, Scotland, on Thursday at the age of 96, prompting an outpouring of grief in the UK and around the world.

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