Don't be fooled! Fab Four fears after 'touching' William olive branch for Meghan and Harry

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Royal watchers have been urged not to be fooled by the reunion of the once feuding brothers Prince Harry and Prince William and their wives. Australian royal commentator Daniela Elser said fans should not “let the image of equality between the two couples, seen arriving together and peaceably greeting the crowds together” fool them after the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – once dubbed the Fab Four- united in grief to carry out a walkabout in Windsor as a mark of respect for the late monarch.

Ms Elser accused Prince William of wanting “the world to know” he had organised the reunion because he is heir to the throne.

Writing for the NZ Herald, she said: “Harry and Meghan unexpectedly joined William and his wife Kate, the new Princess of Wales, for a walkabout outside Windsor Castle. Seeing the four of them side by side was a remarkable scene and one which a scant week ago would have been unthinkable.

“However, don’t let the image of equality between the two couples, seen arriving together and peaceably greeting the crowds together, fool you.

“Someone, somewhere clearly wants the world to know whose call the Windsor outing was and who should get the credit for it here.

“I’ll give you one hint: it’s the bloke who will one day have his face slapped all over the pound coin …

“On Tuesday morning, two reports hit the UK press, which, and you will never believe this, paint William in the most flattering light imaginable, casting him as the magnanimous bigger man who touchingly reached out to Harry for the good of the monarchy.

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William’s spokesman said the prince had invited his brother Harry and Meghan to join him and Kate as they examined the flowers and spoke to crowds lining the entrance to Windsor Castle.

The sight of the two couples together raised hopes that there has been a rapprochement following the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

William was heard telling one well-wisher that the days following the queen’s death had been “so surreal”.

He said: “We all thought she was invincible.”

The brothers will reunite again today when they join their father King Charles and other senior royals in a solemn procession as Queen Elizabeth’s coffin is taken from Buckingham Palace on Wednesday to lie in state in parliament.

Kate, William’s wife and now the Princess of Wales, and Harry’s wife, Meghan, will travel by car, as will Charles’ wife Camilla, now the Queen Consort.

Four days of lying in state will then begin until the funeral on Monday, September 19.

With as many as 750,000 mourners expected to file past the coffin during its period of lying in state, people have queued and slept on the streets in the rain to be able to pay their final respects.

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