Downing Street hit with sexual misconduct allegations against Cabinet minister and aide

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Two women have testified of allegedly being groped and assaulted by the political figures who are both now in senior roles, a news report has claimed. The allegations comes in the wake of the Chris Pincher scandal, when the deputy chief whip’s resignation amid sexual misconduct allegations, raised questions over what the Prime Minister knew about his behaviour.

The fallout contributed to the end of Boris Johnson’s leadership.

According to Sky News, a Cabinet minister and a senior aide at Number 10 continue serve at the heart of the Government despite allegations of sexual misconduct, a Sky News investigation can reveal.

Sky News has published testimony from two women who give detailed, first-hand accounts of what they claim happened to them when one was assaulted and the other groped by the political figures.

According to the allegations, one woman claimed that the man involved was “feeding her wine” despite her being obviously drunk.


The accused, according to the report, is currently serving in Downing Street.

The report further stated that when the woman requested to go to bed “he didn’t leave me alone”.

Another woman alleged that she was groped by someone now working in Number 10 who remained in post after she complained about his appointment.

A Conservative spokesperson told Sky News: “We have an established code of conduct and complaints procedure where people can report complaints in confidence.

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She also said that she has reason to believe the story has circulated within political circles but has not seriously hindered his career progression.

She said: “I was sexually assaulted by someone who’s now a Cabinet minister, and I was in my early twenties and didn’t really know how to deal with it.

“I was super drunk. He’s feeding me more wine and I’m already quite obviously tanked.

“After a while, I was like, you know what? Would you mind if I just went to bed? So I went to bed.

“But obviously he didn’t leave me alone. And then I woke up the next morning and I realised what had happened.”

Later she told colleagues and the MP she was working for at the time, who encouraged her to report it to the police.

After some initial discussions with the police, however, she chose not to proceed any further and did not make a formal complaint to the Conservative Party.

She explained: “I was too scared to kickstart that process and risk it spiralling out of control.”

She added her belief that there is “nothing that I can do without putting my career in jeopardy” and “ruining my life”.

Former MP Chris Pincher resigned as deputy chief whip – responsible for getting MPs to vote – on 30 June following allegations that he groped two men the night before while drinking at the Carlton Club in central London.

Since Mr Pincher’s resignation questions have been raised about Mr Johnson’s decision in February this year to appoint him to the post in the first place.

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