easyJet: How training pilot dealt with ‘nightmare’ mid-air engine stall 


Sophie Truman was in charge of the controls of the easyJet light aircraft during the final stage of her endeavours to become a fully fledged pilot. The amateur aviator was accompanied by trainer Cliff Rand, who was assessing her ability to cope in the worst of situations at L-3 Airline Academy in Bournemouth. Trainees must complete a number of tasks, including flying blind, upside down and safely controlling the plane after a stall.

However, it was revealed during ITV’s 2017 series: “easyJet: Inside the Cockpit” how Ms Truran dealt with the latter.

The narrator explained: “This is the final stomach-churning challenge before she starts her Airbus training.

“Incidents like the one they’re preparing for are extremely rare, but if they do happen it’s essential the pilot keeps a cool head.

“Today, Sophie will have to endure dramatic turns and stalls in mid-air to recreate a disastrous loss of control.

“Instructor Cliff Rand has been taking people upside down for three years.

“Up here, Cliff will put Sophie through her paces, subjecting her to G-force.”

Mr Rand then cut the engine to see how his student would deal with the dreaded situation.

The narrator continued: “Pilots need to be able to cope with up to four g’s, that’s the same force you experience on the Nemesis ride act Alton Towers.

“Then Cliff confronts Sophie with a pilot’s worst nightmare – a stall. 

“He switches the engine off and the aircraft begins to plummet towards the ground. 

“Passenger planes almost never stall, but when they do, it’s crucial a pilot knows exactly how to manage the potentially fatal situation.

“As she falls from 3,000ft, Sophie has to battle to regain control of the aircraft.”

Sophie successfully regained control of the aircraft and it was safely landed.

Smiling, she told the cameras afterwards: “I was surprised, but it was really good, a few manoeuvres and some stalling, but after that, I knew what to expect.

“I feel a lot more confident than I did before I left on that plane.

“Yeah, I did it!”


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