Emergency services rush to reports of 'building collapse' in city centre

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One person is feared to have been injured after a city centre building collapsed, it is reported.

Shocked witnesses in Leicester thought a loud bang this morning was an explosion, but since spotted emergency services swarm a nearby building.

Part of the structure may have fallen on someone, it is thought.

But police are yet to confirm the exact details of the incident.

Footage seen by Leicestershire Live, though, shows a large presence of emergency services behind a cordon in the Church Gate area of the city centre.

At least one ambulance and one fire engine are seen on the pedestrianised street near a bank, a beauty spa and other establishments. 

A crowd has gathered in the clip and look on, shocked, at the huge operation.

One witness said: “I live nearby and heard a really loud crashing noise, which I thought might have been a bomb or an explosion going off. I think it’s part of the roof that’s fallen down on someone.

“There’s a cordon in place and emergency crews are still here. It’s surprising to see something like this happen. You wouldn’t expect it.”

The large cordon blocks a significant stretch of the street, which takes shoppers right into the heart of Leicester.

Another witness said: “It is so shocking. You really don’t expect it to happen in Leicester of all places. People are just shocked here and makes you wonder if it could happen to any other building here.

“It’s very scary. Any number of people could have been hurt by it.”

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service said crews from five different stations are currently responding to the incident.

They have also called on the public to avoid the area for their own safety

Leicestershire Police have been approached for comment.

It comes months after a house collapsed in the Selly Oak area of Birmingham. The residents, thought to be students, were evacuated but someone no one was severely injured in the ordeal in the south of the city. 

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