Euro in freefall: Currency PLUMMETS to 20-year low as Putin sparks chaos across Europe

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“I’m just saying that, actually, over the last, what, let’s say 20-25 years, there’s been a view about energy policy which has resulted in a lot of dependencies from external countries and they’re not all that friendly.

“Now, I’m a great believer in international trade and I don’t think that we should be insular, I do believe that we need more energy security and I do believe that we need more security on our food, and we have to get there.

“I think what has happened is that we’ve been too far away from that personal security, that country security, and too far in to dependencies which were long-distance, semi-hostile, potentially hostile, and that there’s been too much of an eye closed to the consequences because the supply was cheap and plentiful and reasonably local.”

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