F1 qualifying red flagged after flare thrown onto Dutch GP track and pigeons cause havoc

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F1 bosses were forced to stop qualifying for the Dutch Grand Prix after a flare was thrown on the track. An orange flare was chucked on the circuit on the run to turn 13 moments before Alex Albon’s Williams drove past. 

Albon was the only car on the track at the time but it would still affect his run-plan. Albon had also complained of pigeons sitting near the racing line on his warm-up lap. 

The FIA confirmed the offender had been thrown out of the circuit moments later. They said: “For info the person responsible for throwing the flare on track has been identified and removed by event security.”

Ted Kravitz also revealed Dutch Grand Prix organisers had addressed the crowd after the incident begging fans to not throw anything else on the track.

He explained: “In Austria they weren’t banned, here last year they weren’t banned, although I think they have set fire to some dried grass in the past around here. But they have now decided to ban them.

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Kravitz added fans who are identified using flares would be chucked out and not refunded. Croft then added flares usually gave off a bad smell and warned it was “not particularly safe” as the grass was very dry.

It comes months after Dutch fans were blamed for causing carnage at the Austrian Grand Prix. Back in July, Dutch GP organiser Jan Lammers described the scenes in Austria as “embarrassing” and pledged the race at Zandvoort would be different.

He commented: “I think the real Orange fan would like to make a statement of showing now how it’s done, so I don’t expect any trouble. I have a feeling that this will be the best time to go because everybody will be on good behaviour of course.”

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