Fake tan addicts warn women not to use ‘magic sponges’ to remove their tan after ending up with ‘chemical burns’


TANNING addicts have claimed they ended up in ‘agony’ after giving themselves ‘chemical burns’ from using magic erasers to remove their fake bake.

After one beauty fan revealed she uses a washing up tool to remove her fake tan, it seems women have been using a variety of sponges to try and remove streaks and patches.

Magic erasers carry warnings not to use them on skin

Taking to Twitter, Lauren revealed she fills up a dishmatic utensil with fake tan remover and then uses it to buff and exfoliate her skin.

Despite its impressive results, it seems not all sponges produce the same effect.

Women claim they’ve developed ‘chemical burns’ and taken a ‘layer of their skin’ off after using magic sponges to try and remove their tan.

Countless tan addicts have taken to social media to warn other women against using the cleaning product, revealing their agony after using the sponge.

Women have warned against using magic erasers on their skin on social media

Posting on social media, one woman said: “Used a magic sponge on my patchy tan and now I have a chemical burn on my armpit.”

Someone else tweeted: “Tried using a magic sponge to remove my fake tan after seeing some girl tweet about it the other day.

“Also gave myself a nice sore rash from chemical burns or something 0/10 do not recommend.”

Women have been sharing their horror stories after using the sponge

A third wrote: “I seen a tweet about those magic sponge erasers taking off fake tan so I tried it and yes it took my fake tan off amazingly 100% but it also took off A LAYER OF MY SKIN and now my chest and arms are all red raw and stinging like f*** so thanks to whoever suggested it.”

Meanwhile this beauty fan said: “I will never forget the day Courtney used a magic eraser to scrub her spray tan off thinking it was a normal sponge and gave herself a chemical burn.”

Somebody else added: “I was trying to scrub off my spray tan so I used a sponge in our bathtub and then my arm got irritated and burned and I just found out the sponge was a mr clean magic eraser.”

One woman recently claimed she uses a washing-up tool to remove her fake bake

While this person commented: “Just used a ‘magic sponge’ all over my body to try get my tan of without realizing it had f****** bleach in it, in absolute agony.”

The magic erasers contain powerful cleaning ingredients which make light work of stains, but can leave skin irritated.

Sold at numerous supermarkets, Tesco carries a warning for Flash’s magic eraser on its website, saying: “Do not use on skin or other parts of the body.

“Using on skin will likely cause abrasions.”

Some women claim the sponge has taken off a layer of their skin


Meanwhile we revealed you can now buy a tanning dress which stops your sheets getting stained.

And beauty fans praise ‘genius’ tanning drops which give you a sun-kissed glow without any need to wash off.

Plus an £8 fake tan that takes just one hour to develop sends beauty fans into a frenzy.



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